What’s a Marketing Trigger?

Posted by Jude Woodward on Sep 24, 2014 8:51:00 AM

As this schema illustrates, marketing triggers are bi-directional, influencing the marketing automation events as well as outbound calling. Simply put, triggers are actions taken by the prospect that indicate movement in the buying cycle. Keep in mind the movement could be in any direction, forward, backward, or withdrawing interest. External environmental influences, such as a merger or specific changes in an industry, also affect prospects behavior and be a significant factor in triggering reactions.

Marketing Triggers

Marketing automation gives you the ability to let your sales reps know when an action has been taken. This could be website activity, social sharing, a content download, or the attendance at a live or virtual event. Regardless of where your lead is in the buying cycle, you will increase your overall effectiveness if you use these triggers as signals to integrate the live touch.

The live touch enables marketers to gain real-time business intelligence that confirms where the prospect is in the sales cycle and better aligns future messaging and outreach strategies with potential buyers. Through Teleprospecting organizations can develop an understanding of the prospect’s interests, needs, and business pains.

Topics: Account Based Marketing, Marketing, Live Touch, Teleprospecting