What You Should Receive From An Outsourced Marketing Campaign

Posted by Michael Auer on Sep 9, 2020 8:12:46 AM

What You Should Receive From An Outsourced Marketing CampaignOutsourcing marketing campaigns can come with a degree of uncertainty, but it is important to know what to expect in return for your marketing dollars. Depending on the type of campaign and whether or not there are clear benchmarks established, you may be paying strictly for the marketing service itself or in some cases there will be a pay for performance model in place. Regardless of the structure, there are certain deliverables to be expected from an outsourced campaign.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

A sales qualified lead is a prospect who meets all of your qualifications as a potential customer and has agreed to a meeting, whether it is face to face or over the phone. This is the primary deliverable that most organizations will expect from a marketing campaign. Developing a detailed lead scoring process as well as qualifying questions are needed in order to identify a true sales qualified lead. These should be people who have the need, budget and timeline for making a purchase and have shown interest in your product or services.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

A marketing qualified lead is a prospect who has raised their hand as being interested in your offerings but is not quite ready to buy. These prospects may have agreed to a follow up call or have engaged with a piece of bottom of the funnel content. These leads are best served by being placed into nurturing workflows that include both email and teleprospecting follow ups. MQLs are what keep your funnel fueled and provide continued business over the course of time. The most important aspect of nurturing is to keep your company and solution at the top of the mind of your MQLs.

Final Database

A final database is a compilation of all of the data obtained through a marketing campaign. This includes all of the contact information, company information and business intelligence gained through the campaign, all in one convenient excel spreadsheet. This will include all of your MQLs, SQLs as well as confirmed decision makers and referrals. Many times, a campaign will not run long enough to make contact with every potential prospect. A final database can be extremely valuable for follow ups, nurturing and future campaigns.

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