What To Include In Your Virtual Sales Presentations

Posted by Michael Auer on Jan 12, 2021 11:23:10 AM

What To Include In Your Virtual Sales PresentationsWith face to face sales meeting being nearly non-existent over the past nine months, we’ve all had to adjust to predominantly pitching our products in a virtual setting. Making these presentations effective requires a pitch deck that complements your talking points and emphasizes the value of your products or services. Here we take a look at what to include in your virtual sales presentations.

Graphics And Video

Your sales presentation needs to be exciting and informative. Using high quality graphics and videos can help you demonstrate the value and uses of your products and will help to hold the attention of your prospective client.

Company Background

This slide should include a brief history of your organization, an overview of your facilities and introduction to your team. Including highlights like years in business, tenure of your staff and brief overview of your experience.

Relative Experience

Customers like to do business with companies who have experience in their particular niche. Include some of the bigger brands you’ve worked with along with companies that are similar to your prospect. Customer testimonials can also be included to make this slide more personalized and authentic.

Product Or Service Description

This is where you get into the details about how your product works, how it can benefit your prospect and how it is implemented. Including a graphic or video that demonstrates the uses and value of your product will make this slide more effective.

Customer Success Stories

Breaking down a case study done on a former client in a similar industry can help to prove the value of your product in your prospect’s specific niche. Your case study should include pain points, solutions and hard metrics on how your solution impacted your client.

Basic Pricing Breakdown

While many businesses hesitate to introduce pricing up front, most customers like to see at least some kind of basic price structure during a discovery call. This slide should be left for last, after you’ve had a chance to communicate the value and benefits of your solution.

Next Steps

Once your presentation is over, you’ll want to see if your prospect has any further questions and then provide them the next steps necessary to continue through the sales cycle. Let them know of any information you will be sending them and do your best to set a follow up call.

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