Video Content Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Posted by James Lawson on Jan 28, 2022 10:13:34 AM

video-64153_1920Creating various valuable, educational, and entertaining videos will give your content strategy the punch it needs to reach your target audience. First, here are a few tips you will want to keep in mind.

  • Leverage current written assets
  • Try different things for different platforms
  • Use humor and be entertaining
  • Include a call to action
  • Involve your whole team
  • Promote through multiple channels

Now let's look at some different types of videos you can use in your next B2B marketing campaign:


This type of video is created to advertise your business or a product. Much like the commercials you see on television, they can take on many forms. Funny commercials and those that speak to social issues are the most effective.

How To

How to videos give you an in-depth look at the steps necessary to carry out a specific action or achieve a particular goal. Many blog posts are written in this format and can be easily translated into videos.


Creating a series can help you establish a loyal following waiting to engage with your videos. These videos should follow a common theme with a similar naming convention. They don't need to be long but should provide value and leave the audience wanting more.


Promotional videos can be used to advertise an upcoming event or a new product launch. These types of videos are meant to build hype and give your audience an idea of what to expect from your product or event.


Using influencers in your marketing campaigns is one of the biggest trends today. Getting an influential person to speak on your behalf or to appear in one of your videos can increase your reach and improve your credibility.


A brand video centers around your mission statement. It should provide information on how your company started, its core values, and what you offer. Including employees in the production of these videos will help to humanize your brand and improve company culture.


Capitalizing on industry or mainstream trends has long been a technique used by bloggers and social media marketers and can be highly effective when translated to video. Combining these videos with trending hashtags and calls to action can make your videos powerful lead generation tools.

Case Study

Case studies are a great way to show off the quality and usefulness of your products without coming across as overly promotional. Having reputable clients speak to the effectiveness of your products or services can provide you with the same results as high-profile influencers.


A testimonial is similar to a case study but speaks more to the customer experience than a specific product or service. This humanizes your brand without having to speak on your own behalf. A well-thought-out testimonial can significantly improve the reputation of your company.

News Release

News releases are a part of nearly every website and are essential to your overall marketing strategy. Using video for your news releases increases the likelihood they'll be picked up by major publications and spread across social media.


Articles that compare similar products are a go-to for many tech firms, and videos that mirror that concept can be highly effective. Highlight your key advantages and differentiators compared to your competitors and create a video demonstration with the proof.

Animated Explainer

Aspects of your products or services that are difficult to explain or demonstrate clearly without exorbitant costs can be simplified for your audience through the use of animated explainer videos. They can even be used to tell the story of your company.

Health And Wellness

Enlisting a respected figure to speak about different topics related to health and wellness can bring a great deal of attention to your brand and expose your company to a broader audience. You'll be helping your audience stay healthy while promoting your brand. It's a win-win.

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