Top Trends In The Medtech Industry

Posted by Michael Auer on Jan 24, 2018 9:58:34 AM

Top Trends In The Medtech IndustryMedical technology companies are some of the most innovative and rapidly moving sectors of the tech space. Trends change quickly and successful companies keep themselves on the edge by investing in innovation and paying close attention to the wants and needs of their customers. Here we take a look at the top trends likely to dominate the medtech industry in the near future.


There has been an increased focus on Cybersecurity in nearly every business, but it is of particular importance in the medical technology field. Not only is there a need to protect designs and innovations, many medical technology companies deal with a large volume of patient data as well. Ensuring the protection of proprietary information will be a major focus of medtech companies in 2018.

Long-Term Innovation

Technology moves very quickly, which requires constant innovation. Many products have a short shelf life and are overtaken by more advanced products faster than in any other industry. This puts the onus on long-term innovation focused on filling a niche need in the medical industry. Rather than making something that is useful now, many medtech companies will be focused on solving major health issues over the long-term.

Partnerships And Acquisitions

One trend that is sure to continue is the merging of large health related companies in the insurance, pharmaceutical, retail and medical technology fields. CVS acquiring Aetna is just the beginning. Medtech companies looking to partner with health care providers and acquiring retail space to exclusively sell their products appears to be the next step.

Digital Wearables

Wearable technology is everywhere these days and many of the most popular products track and monitor activity levels and vital signs. The refinement and advancement of these types of technology will be at the forefront of the medtech industry for many years to come. Accuracy, comfort and versatility will be what separates competing brands in the wearable tech space.

Big Data

With the amount of data being collected through wearable devices, medical surveys and experimentation, big data is sure to become a major part of digital medical technology. Finding efficient ways of compiling and analyzing large amounts of data will help to spur new products and innovation. The use of big data will help to identify trends, risks as well as the wants of target consumers.

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