Tips For Organic And Paid Social Media Marketing

Posted by Michael Auer on Mar 23, 2021 10:36:38 AM

social-media-2528410_640-1When developing a social media strategy, there needs to be equal focus on both paid and organic distribution. Managing each side requires a variety of different tactics in order to be successful.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Reaching an audience through organic social posts has become more difficult as algorithms have cut the reach from company pages dramatically over the past three years. There is still a great deal of value and opportunity in organic social media. Thankfully, there are ways to improve the reach of your posts.

  • Join Industry Relevant Discussion Groups - Starting discussions with educational content and engaging with other people’s group posts will give greater reach to your pieces and help to increase your website visits and blog views.
  • Share From Personal Profiles - Customers trust individuals that they like far more than most companies and social media algorithms will be prioritizing friend posts above company updates.
  • Get Your Entire Company Involved - When you look at companies that are successful with organic social media marketing, they all have one thing in common; all of their employees like and share their content.
  • Use Popular And Unique Hashtags - While there is still a negative stigma surrounding hashtags on certain platforms, there is no denying they are a great way to increase your reach and target specific searches.
  • Leverage Social Media Influencers - Influencers come in many forms and their engagement on your social posts can bring major exposure to your content and brand.
  • Increase Your Visual Content - Visual content including videos, infographics, images and memes are all great ways to increase social media engagement
  • Tell A Story - These types of posts provide value to prospects and help to develop the personality of your brand.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Complementing your organic strategy with paid ads has become a must for businesses to expand their reach and put their content in front of the people they most want to see it. While paying for ads does guarantee you’ll get in front of your audience, it takes a lot more for advertising campaigns to be successful.

  • Work Off Of Organic Success - If something has already shown that it resonates with your immediate audience, there is a likelihood it will be successful on a larger scale.
  • Use A Variety Of Ads - You want to have a variety of copy, visual content and premium offers to work with when creating your ads.
  • Dedicate Sufficient Budget – Your budget should be sufficient enough to reach each of your target contacts multiple times per week.
  • Narrow Your Audience - To maximize your ROI you will want to narrow your focus to prospects who fit a specific campaign.
  • Have A Clear Call To Action - Each one of your ads should give clear direction on the next steps to move through the buying cycle.
  • Use Visual Content - Videos and infographics work very well in paid social media advertisements and can be especially effective when linked to in-depth written copy.

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