Teleprospecting In The Digital Age

Posted by Courtney Lawson on May 8, 2019 11:37:32 AM


It goes without saying that Teleprospecting has changed with the broadening of the digital world. People are on their phones more than ever, but less interested in conversing on the phone. With the increased difficulty in Teleprospecting in recent years, it is important to make sure your campaign is well thought out and targeted for your desired outcome. Here are a few ways to make sure your campaign is successful.

First impressions

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to a phone conversation. You only have a few seconds to grab somebody’s attention before they end the call and you miss out on a lead. Your opening greeting should be friendly, to the point and intriguing. You want to gain and maintain interest and create a good rapport with them all within 10 seconds! It’s easier than it sounds. Just research the company and who your calling before you dial their number. Knowing a little bit about them can lead to a better quality conversation.

Focus on the customer’s needs

When placing a call and trying to gain a lead, you can easily come off as transparent and salesy. It’s important to remember that you are speaking to a real person at a real company that has real needs. If you want your company to be the chosen one to fill those needs, then you need to keep them in mind each time that you call them. Don’t focus on the sale, focus on their issues and how you may be able to fix them. This will make your prospect feel heard, nurtured and secure with choosing your solution.

Stick to the message

When it comes to Teleprospecting a call guide is important, especially when you have multiple callers on the same subject. Everyone should be on the same page and sharing the same message. If a question comes up, it should be easily answered by using a pre-written message with multiple ways to navigate a conversation. It is important not to deviate from the verbiage or make guarantees that you are not sure of. This will cut down on confusion while closing the deal.

Objection handling

You’ll want to prepare for objections in advance. There’s a good chance you’ll have resistance on several calls throughout your teleprospecting journey. Having objection responses for any type of question that you may have to field is vital for your calling. It’s important that you practice these responses until they come across as natural and you come across as an expert on the subject matter. You’ll also want to have open ended follow up questions to ask your prospects to get them talking and be able to discover how your company can benefit theirs.

Attitude is everything

If you’ve ever been in the Winn Technology Group offices, you’ve probably heard the term “Smile and Dial” at some point. The message behind that is simple, the person picking up on the other end of the line can usually tell if you are having a bad day. When you choose to have a good attitude and be cheerful and thoughtful on each call it will show. Having a an upbeat tone will help your prospect feel upbeat as well which makes them more receptive to receive more information about what you’re offering them.

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