Tech Marketing: How To Write And Design An Ebook

Posted by Michael Auer on Sep 17, 2021 11:12:41 AM

Tech Marketing: How To Write And Design An EbookCreating premium content is a vital part of inbound marketing and provides you with in-depth content that can be gated by a form to capture leads or your sales team's use as fulfillment pieces. Ebooks, whitepapers, and case studies will typically make up the majority of your premium content library, and creating at least one piece per quarter should be your minimum goal. Here we take a look at how to write and design an eBook.

Choose A Topic

Ebooks will go more in-depth on a particular topic than your blog articles but should follow the same type of subject matter. Choose a pain point that your target audience is looking to solve and focus your eBook on educating your readers on how your product or service solves the problem. Your title should be enticing and communicate exactly what your readers can expect from your piece.

Create An Outline

Begin creating your outline by creating chapters or sections highlighting the key points you want to discuss in your eBook. Once you've decided on your sections, start to outline the subheadings you'll use within each area. Make bullet points under each subheading to use as notes when beginning your writing. Your outline should be thorough and guide you through writing your eBook from beginning to end.

Write Your Sections

This is where you begin to really develop your content. If you've made a thorough outline, this process should be pretty straightforward. Take the bullets under each subheading and elaborate on each one while backing up your findings. Do your best to keep your sections of uniform length, but don't let that make you say too much or too little about a particular point. Tie everything together with an introduction and conclusion that summarize the completed work.

Include Visual Content

Visuals are extremely important in any piece of content, especially eBooks. This should be a combination of high-quality graphics, images, infographics, and sometimes a video can be embedded for added flair. An image should be included on the title page and at the beginning of each chapter. Use infographics to explain complex concepts within your work and place them within the appropriate sections.

Design Your Ebook

There are a variety of factors to consider when designing your eBook. You want to make sure you have enough whitespace, so things are easy to absorb. Use your company colors, fonts, and logos to keep your branding on point. Any quotes or statistics you include should be highlighted in some way or broken out from the rest of the text. Avoid using a stock template. There are hundreds of websites where you can find fairly unique templates to fit your needs.

Insert A Call To Action

The final page of your eBook should have a closing message along with your company information and a call to action. This call to action should align with your content and aim to move the prospect closer to a purchase decision. This could be in the form of a case study, white paper, free consultation, or demo.

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