Support Your Channel Partners With Easily Co-Branded Content

Posted by Michael Auer on Jan 11, 2021 11:54:50 AM

Support Your Channel Partners With Easily Co-Branded ContentThe more support you provide to your channel partners, the more revenue they will produce for your organizations. One of the major needs for partners is quality content to help them build a digital presence and drive leads online. Creating content can be very time consuming, especially when it is not your own product. Providing your partners with content that can be easily co-branded will ensure a consistent brand message as well as take the pressure off of their sales and marketing teams. This enables their organization to focus more resources on closing sales for your products. Here we take a look at the different content pieces that should be made readily available for co-branding throughout your partner community.

Blog Articles

Educational and entertaining blog articles help partners to draw in website visitors and establish website authority. Providing a few articles per month can significantly impact your partner’s drive website traffic and gives them more quality content to distribute through social channels.

Case Studies

Case studies that highlight success stories lend credibility to your products and can be crucial when it comes to closing deals. Being able to cite specific cases where your product has proven its value can often be just what it takes to get a prospect to move forward.


Ebooks go far more in-depth on a topic than a typical blog article and provide your partners with premium downloads to capture contact information and business intelligence. Premium content is essential in converting website visitors and gaining top of the funnel leads.


Email is still a very effective means of generating leads and providing your partners with well thought out pieces can help them to identify potentially interested prospects. Providing topics, templates and even an actual email piece can make your partner’s campaigns more effective.

Social Posts

Social media has become an essential part of any marketing plan and providing topics, templates and a posting schedule can help partners build a following. Driving engagement on social media is critical in establishing brand awareness and a strong online presence.

Online Events

Hosting online events and encouraging your partners to promote it to their audience can help them establish credibility and drive engagement. An event put on by those with an expertise in your offerings will be far more effective than one that is partner driven.

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