Secrets Of Marketing And Blogging Creativity

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Secrets Of Marketing And Blogging CreativityComing up with fresh, creative ideas can be a daunting obstacle in marketing and blogging. As any blogger will attest, developing titles and subjects to write about is a monumental task.  Marketing campaigns are most successful when they contain new ideas and present content and imagery that will come across as original and entertaining.  Finding ways to maintain a creative edge is crucial to marketers and writers fighting to keep the creative juices flowing.

Solve Someone Else’s Problem

If you find yourself in a pinch, solve an issue for a company that isn’t your own. It’s a great way to get your mind to think outside the box.  Many marketers and bloggers spend all of their time focused on one industry.  Take time to create content or marketing ideas based off of topics outside your comfort zone. Force yourself to research new subject matter and to expand your thought process. Both endeavors will help you to be more creative.


In a similar manner to solving a problem that is not your own, contemplate how others might view your issue. Approach the content from the perspective of someone who might view it in a way you wouldn’t normally. Try a point of view that differs from your political beliefs. Look through the eyes of a culture outside your everyday norm. How would a different financial class see the situation? Attempting to solve problems from the perspective of a diverse set of individuals will expand your thought process to include unique solutions to common pain points within your industry.

Alternative Solutions

Look back at a question that’s been previously answered. Now take a new approach to it. Rethinking an issue that has already been resolved is another way to escalate your creativity. Avoid taking the path of least resistance and think outside the most logical solution. Apply that same strategy to your own marketing and content.

Free Writing

Gift yourself time to write about nothing in particular or on a subject of interest to you outside of your industry. Doing so will help to keep your industry’s subject matter from becoming stale.  Start the morning with a few minutes dedicated to write on subjects that have nothing to do with your industry, this will help to break the monotony of your everyday tasks.


Traveling exposes you to new areas and different cultures.  Simply seeing different landmarks or even hearing different languages being used naturally can open your mind.  An influx of new sights and sounds is sure to boost your creative juices.

Listen To Music

Secrets Of Marketing And Blogging CreativityListening to music as your write or develop marketing campaigns will help you focus and put you in a better mood. A theory, the Mozart Effect, hypothesizes that listening to music will actually increase your intelligence over time. Utilize different genres and sounds to access feelings and thoughts that lead you down a creative path you wouldn’t have walked otherwise.

Don’t Hold Back

As children, our imagination tends to wander and has no limits. However, as we age, we increasingly pigeon hole ourselves into learned beliefs and traditional ways of thinking.  Being youthful and allowing your mind to roam free will broaden your perspective and allow you to come up with new ideas.

Breaks and Sleep

Regular breaks throughout your day will keep your mind fresh and allow you to think more clearly while developing new content and marketing ideas.  It’s also proven that getting an optimal amount of sleep helps to improve cognitive function.

Embrace Multiple Artistic Forms

Stir your own creativity by establishing connections with other creative people.  Learning the different tricks that people use in other creative centric industries such as music, art and film can inspire new ideas, ways of thinking and solutions to your industry’s pain points. Dabbling in these other industries yourself can give you a jumpstart. Blog writing and marketing campaign development is, at its core, an artistic venture.  Branching off into other art forms such as drawing or even simply doodling can help you keep your writing and advertising fresh.

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