Next Level Channel Marketing Strategy

Posted by Michael Auer on Apr 10, 2018 7:27:49 PM

stairs-3232338_640If your channel partner's sales have become stagnant and are in need of a boost it may be an issue of finding better ways to support them . A focus on providing your partners the right tools to succeed can be the difference. Here we explore some tactics to take your channel marketing to the next level.

Sales And Marketing Training

“Making learning more accessible and compelling to a wider channel partner audience is highly dependent on better content and the right technology to deliver that content.” - SiriusDecisions

Partners that know your products and understand how to sell them are far more likely to succeed. Detailed knowledge of your products will also encourage your partners to focus greater attention on them. Providing continued training as well as training materials to managers within your partner’s organization will help build a well educated sales team and a healthy perception of your brand.

Inbound Marketing

“Although outbound strategies still hold relevance in today’s marketplace, inbound marketing remains the more economical, consistent and transparent philosophy in business advertising.” – Computer Market Research

Simply stated; inbound marketing works.  Inbound campaigns can be easily replicated throughout your channel partner network.   Successful strategies and tactics can be shared with the entire partner community.  What works for one partner is likely to work for the group.

Marketing Technology

“As brands continue to invest heavily in content, the benefits of marketing technology become clear: They make organizations more knowledgeable and efficient.” - Contently

Having all of your marketing data collected in one place with detailed analytics gives you the intelligence needed to make marketing decisions that help achieve business goals. Automation platforms such as HubSpot and SharpSpring allow marketers to better manage their time, assignments, blog articles, social posts and much more.

Outbound Marketing

“Your mix of inbound and outbound marketing will almost certainly change with time and as technology adds new features and ways of connecting with people.” - Outbrain

Blending outbound tactics with inbound to qualify leads, identify key decision makers and gather prospecting information helps to get the most out of your channel marketing efforts. While inbound is very effective on its own, outbound tactics such as teleprospecting can help deliver higher quality leads. Additionally, as more organizations invest heavily in inbound marketing, strategies that involve a personal touch can stand out.

Knowledge Sharing

“If one of your partners is finding an offer is converting leads well or a free assessment is leading to more business in the door, let the network know!” - HubSpot

Sharing information is essential to driving revenue throughout your channel.  A healthy channel marketing community relies on communication and working toward a common goal. Collaboration between your channel partners will help to establish more consistent and effective marketing efforts.

Providing The Right Outsourcing Resources

For large businesses that rely on channel partners to sell and distribute products, the online marketing process can be a challenge. – HubSpot

Developing a network of preferred vendors with demonstrated success in your industry  gives your partners access to the expertise needed to generate sales and increase your marketing ROI.  Having the right outsourcing resources available to your partners will ensure your MDFs are spent wisely.

Next Level Channel Marketing

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