How Your B2B Organization Can Take Advantage Of The Return Of In-Person Events

Posted by Michael Auer on Jul 12, 2021 8:53:25 AM

In-person events are finally coming back, and it's time for organizations to start planning how to fully take advantage of what was once an integral part of marketing. While it may take a little while before everyone is willing and able to attend, there are many who are chomping at the bit to get out and network face to face. There are a variety of different types of events that your business can both attend and host.

User Conference

An annual user conference is a great way to bring together current users of your technology, potential users, and advocates for your company. It provides an opportunity to show appreciation for your customers, gain new ones and introduce people to your products. They can also be profitable by collecting from sponsors and attendees.

Partner Conference

Bringing together all of your partners can be a great way to show appreciation, showcase new products and establish new partnerships. Discussions during these events can also help to shake out any issues with your products or operations. It can even bring about ideas for new ways to satisfy your customers.

Half-Day Briefing

A half-day briefing can be aimed at any audience but is typically geared toward educating potential new customers on your product lines. These events should include a keynote speaker, product demonstrations, and entertainment. You should also consider serving at least one meal to help hold your audience's attention and keep them alert.

Dinner and Drinks

Setting up an event at a popular restaurant with complimentary dinner and drinks is a sure way to encourage attendance. Be sure to set spending limits, so costs remain under control. These types of events are meant for decision-makers of highly targeted accounts. Confirmations and reminders will be needed to ensure your event is worth the cost.

Company Tours

Invite your audience to visit your headquarters for a tour and product demonstrations. Having a chance to see how your company operates and how your products work will give your prospects confidence in your business. Transparency is a sought-after trait, and showing off your inner workings with a company tour is the ultimate example.


Cookouts are meant for a wider audience and should include a good portion of your staff. Inviting prominent guest speakers, organizing a variety of fun activities, and having a variety of quality food and entertainment are all ways to ensure your prospects show up. Provide directions and details on available accommodations for those from outside your local area.

Movie Screenings

Playing off the momentum of a popular recent release can help you draw in movie buffs and those in need of a mental break. Movie screenings offer a way to help your prospects relax and still communicate your company's message either through video or live demonstrations. Movie souvenirs along with company-branded merchandise are great giveaways and will make your event memorable.

We can all agree that the surge in online events is not likely to slow down as many have found them valuable tools for marketing in networking. Still, there will never be a true replacement for building relationships face to face. Winn boasts 30 years of experience promoting B2B events. Click below to contact us and learn how we can make your next event a rousing success!


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