How To Use Direct Mail Marketing In 2019

Posted by Michael Auer on Jul 12, 2019 9:06:48 AM

How To Use Direct Mail Marketing In 2019With digital channels dominating the marketing landscape, traditional tactics such as direct mail have become somewhat of an afterthought. For that very reason, they have regained their effectiveness. What used to be a flooded channel of mass mailers has dwindled to the point where a direct mail piece can help your business stand out. Here we’ve outlined the best ways to use direct mail marketing in 2019.

Account Based Marketing

Direct mail pieces are best used on a select group of key accounts. Narrow down your top ten accounts and compile comprehensive contact information for all decision makers and influencers. These types of pieces should be personalized, educational and heavily branded. Make sure they contain some kind of call to action that drives further interaction and provides insight into their possible fit with your company. Put your knowledge of their company and its needs on display with messaging tailored specifically for them.

Exclusive Personalized Offers

When you have identified a key decision maker from a target company through digital means, you may consider sending a flashy mail piece with an exclusive, personalized offer. Three-dimensional pieces can be very effective. Research your target to determine which of your products or services would be most useful to them and establish an offer that provides real value. This can also be used on current clients as a means to upsell additional services or renew contracts.

Low Digital Engagement

Not everyone wants to engage with your business digitally. When your target audience stops engaging with your content or gets stuck somewhere in the middle of your funnel, a well-crafted direct mail piece can reestablish the lines of communication. Pay close attention to which pieces of content they’ve previously interacted with and craft your mail piece around a similar subject matter.

Relationship Building

Building relationships is essential throughout the marketing and sales process. Holidays, company anniversaries, events and charitable efforts are great ways to engage with your target audience and connect with them on a more personal level. A direct mail piece provides a physical representation of your sentiment and can be much more powerful and effective than an email. Be sure your information is accurate and that your subject matter is appropriate for your audience.

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