How To Successfully Market Your Medical Technology

Posted by Michael Auer on Feb 19, 2020 9:11:16 AM

How To Successfully Marketing Your Medical TechnologyThere is a great deal of competition in the medical technology industry, which places a tremendous emphasis on marketing your products correctly. Using a multi-channel approach to your campaigns will allow you to reach more of the right prospects. Here are three tactics to use to effectively market your medical technology.

Teleprospecting And Email Campaigns

Using a combination of teleprospecting and email can yield concrete appointments for your sales team. Each campaign should start with an email blast to your entire target audience and teleprospecting efforts should first focus on those that click and open those emails. Each time a call is placed, it should be followed by an email fulfillment piece that provides the prospect with more information. At the conclusion of the campaign, those who have shown interest but were not ready for an appointment should be placed into lead nurturing campaigns and continued to be reached out to on a regular basis until the record is resolved.

Events And Live Demos

The majority of medical technology can be best understood by live demonstration. Launching a teleprospecting campaign with multiple calls to action is extremely effective. First offer a chance to attend your event. For those with time constraints or travel limitations, offer them an on-site demo. For those that cannot accommodate either option, offer a phone appointment with the option to share video. Those in the medical field tend to have very full schedules, so offering these three options can help you get in front of more prospects.

Content Marketing And Social Media Ads

Content marketing is a very effective strategy for marketing your medical technology. Creating a series of blogs that educate prospects about a particular technology and developing a piece of premium content that goes into further detail is a great way to gain customers through digital channels. Adding in social media ads to help distribute and promote your content will allow you to reach more of your target audience and drive leads through your website. LinkedIn ads in particular allow you to get very granular with your demographics, allowing you to reach the correct decision makers more often.

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