How To Prepare To Launch An ABM Campaign

Posted by Michael Auer on Sep 25, 2020 8:23:01 AM

How To Prepare To Launch An ABM CampaignRegardless of the scale of your account-based marketing campaign, there are several key tasks you’ll need to address prior to launch. Here we’ve broken down the steps necessary to prepare an ABM campaign that leverages content marketing, social media advertising, email and teleprospecting.

Identify Your Target Accounts

The first step is to identify which companies you’ll be targeting. This can be as few as one account and in some cases will number into the thousands. Your ABM campaigns should be aimed at your most sought-after accounts. These typically consist of those companies that you know are a fit for your solutions, have sufficient budget and have the potential to become long-term customers.

Build Your Contact List

Your data will likely come from a variety of sources including your internal database, purchased lists and contacts gained through digital marketing efforts. The quality of your data is going to play a major role in the success of your campaign, so this is not a place to cut corners or costs. With ABM programs, the idea is to canvas a large portion of your target companies, so you’ll want to obtain between two and twenty contacts from each one. This allows you to network through the company, gain business intelligence, leverage influencers and identify true decision makers.

Create LinkedIn Ads

While not every ABM campaign is going to use LinkedIn ads, they are very effective in the B2B space. Each campaign should contain at least four ads. LinkedIn will only show each person the same ad once every 48 hours, so multiple ads will allow you to get in front of them more frequently. You should leverage a variety of different assets in these ads including eBooks, whitepapers, case studies and premium service offers. Your ideal budget will depend on the size of your audience, the cost to reach them, and the goals of your campaign.

Design Email Pieces

Email will play a variety of roles in your ABM campaigns. You’ll want to have pieces to use for email blasts at the launch of your campaign, fulfillment pieces that provide more information to interested parties and a few that can be used to nurture those that have raised their hand but are not ready to set an appointment. Each piece should have an eye-catching subject line that entices recipients to open them and a call to action that leads to a premium offer.

Develop A Call Guide

There is still no substitute for the live touch and teleprospecting should be a part of every ABM campaign. Anyone who converts through an advertisement or clicks on an email should be made priority during the calling portion of your campaign. On average, between three and six touches will be needed in order to gain traction and set qualified appointments. Appointments that are set through live conversation are far more likely to remain intact. Additionally, a live touch allows you to further qualify leads and gain valuable business intelligence.

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