How to Craft An Effective Landing Page

Posted by Michael Auer on Nov 3, 2021 9:22:29 AM

How to Craft An Effective Landing PageCreating effective landing pages is an integral part of digital marketing, as this is where you'll communicate the details of your offers and capture contact information. Simplicity is a must for landing pages. Your landing pages should focus on one offer and not include any other distractions like more CTAs or pop-ups. Here we take a look at how to craft an effective landing page.

Heading And Subheading

Your main headline should be a brief description of what is being offered through your landing page. This could be something like the title of an eBook or the type of consultation you're offering. Your subheading should be a one-line teaser that gets your visitors excited about your offer. The two combined should very succinctly let your prospect know what the offer is and why they should pursue it.

Clear Description

The body of your landing page should contain a clear description of the offer that is being made. You want to avoid being too wordy but still communicate what the prospect can expect from downloading or signing up for your offer. If it is a consultation or demo you're offering, include the key points you'll be discussing and explain the format for your conversation. If it is a content download, include a bit of detail on the topics and issues you cover in the piece.

Value Proposition

What does your prospect have to gain from signing up for your offer or downloading your content? What pain points will doing so solve for them? What are the key benefits? This should be clearly communicated above the fold on your landing page. If you have any testimonials from clients who have already benefited or learned from your offer, be sure to include a line or two to add credibility to your offer.

Visual Content

At the very minimum, you want to have a high-quality image that corresponds with your offer. Taking it a step further and adding a video or infographic that builds excitement about your offer can be even more effective. "When it comes to landing pages, adding video can increase conversion by 86%. Video captures attention, educates prospective customers, drives conversions, and provides valuable analytics about what's working."

Short Lead Capture Form

The length of your forms should line up with the value of your offer and not ask for too much personal information. In most cases, simply getting their name and email will be enough for you to identify them and reach out. Asking company name, phone number, and a few qualifying questions can still work depending on what you have to offer. A general rule for lead capture forms is the shorter, the better.

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