Getting Ahead Of 2020 SEO Trends

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 28, 2019 9:42:02 AM

Getting Ahead Of 2020 SEO TrendsWhile SEO trends frequently change, creating high-quality content that is distributed properly is the key to higher rankings. That, however, does not mean the finer details of search engine optimization can be ignored. Here are a few ways you stay ahead of the SEO curve in 2020.

Fast And Responsive Mobile Websites

The mobile-first index is less than a year old, so it’s difficult to say where exactly it’s going to head. But what is clear is how important speed is, based on July’s Speed Update. As well as how important it is to build a truly responsive website, one that not only is fully functional on mobile devices, but also one that moves very quickly.”

Refining Of Long Tailed Keywords

Due to the endless amount of data available and the increasing popularity of voice search, there are more terms than ever to try to rank for. This makes it necessary for content developers to target larger groups of long-tail keywords relating to their industry. Small tweaks such as including location, targeted industries, and key verticals will be needed to remain effective.

Engagement Remains A Key Factor

Engagement is always going to be important, and your brand needs to be engaged with consumers. This goes along with popularity, and it will be vital in online searches. When customers search directly for your business, leave reviews and are searching you out, Google is “listening.”

Development Of Topic Clusters

Creating a topic cluster involves building a pillar page that covers a broad topic while linking it to and from more specific related content.  Search engines have put a much bigger emphasis on topics rather than keywords.  The content you write and how it is structured and linked on your website makes a big difference in search engines ability to determine its relevance.

Backlinks Remain Vitally Important

Backlinks have always figured greatly into search engine rankings as they help to establish relevance and authority.  Influencers who run high authority websites and popular social media accounts can help the visibility of your content as well as your search rankings.  Getting a valuable piece of content in the right hands can mean high rankings for years to come.

Don’t Forget The Technical Side

The technical aspects of SEO still live on and should not be ignored.  Including relevant keywords in your titles, meta descriptions and URLs makes it easier for search engines to recognize what type of content lives on a certain page.  Additionally, with the rising importance of the featured snippet, the technical side of SEO will continue to have an influence on rankings.

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