Five Things Your B2B Website Needs To Generate Leads

Posted by Michael Auer on Apr 12, 2021 12:29:16 PM

Five Things Your B2B Website Needs To Generate LeadsJust about every B2B business has a website these days, but many are missing out on opportunities as they have not optimized their site to generate leads. Educational content, calls to action, premium content, visuals and social media all play a part in converting website visitors into leads. Here we take a look at five things your B2B website needs to generate leads.

Consistent Blog Posting

The first step in generating a lead through your website is to get them there. Educational blog articles are one of the best ways to draw visitors to your website that are interested in your products or services. Optimal blogging frequency for B2B organizations tends to be between eleven and fifteen posts per month. While volume is important, you should not sacrifice quality to reach your quota. Each piece should be crafted in a way that provides value to your prospects without being overly promotional.

Calls To Action On Every Page

Once you’ve got someone to visit your website, you need a way for them to convert. Placing some kind of CTA on ever static page and at the bottom of each blog article provides your visitors with directions on the appropriate next steps. Each of your CTAs should lead to a landing page that houses a premium offer of some kind. Be sure your CTA communicates exactly what to expect and that your landing page has a brief description of the offer.

Premium Content Offers

Premium content offers such as eBooks, whitepaper and case studies go more in depth than typical blog content and thus can warrant being gated by a form. This is how you’ll capture contact information and business intelligence from those who are most interested in your products. Premium pieces should be published at least once per quarter and focus on the key pain points that your products or services solve.

Visual Content

Visual content is essential to keep your website engaging and looking modern. Videos, high quality images and infographics are all essential components of a up to date website. Videos can be used for company overviews, product demonstrations and employee spotlights to humanize your brand. Infographics are great when it comes to communicating complex ideas through simple to digest visuals. High quality images should be prominently displayed on your static pages as well as every blog to draw your prospects attention.

Social Media Buttons

Social media sharing icons are helpful in expanding the reach of your website content. They allow visitors to share your content in a couple of clicks, thus putting you in front of their followers. Social media plays a major role in driving website traffic and the easier you can make it for people to share, the better. These buttons should be placed on each page and be sure to keep your links up to date.

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