Filling In The Gaps: 4 Ways Outbound And Inbound Complement Each Other

Posted by Michael Auer on Jul 15, 2019 11:15:36 AM

Filling In The Gaps: 4 Ways Outbound And Inbound Complement Each OtherWhile many marketers believe that traditional outbound tactics are on their way out, the truth is, a balance between both inbound and outbound must be reached in order to achieve real growth.  Each side has their strengths and benefits and there are endless possibilities for merging the two. Here we outline four of our most effective ways of merging inbound and outbound marketing.

Lead Qualification

Using a contact database for your teleprospecting efforts that is built from inbound leads can make your lead generation campaigns far more effective. These are people who are at least somewhat familiar with your company, products and services. This gives your callers a great ice breaker and an idea of what the prospect may be interested in. A higher quality lead saves time for sales teams and increases conversion rates.

Lead Nurturing

Email drip campaigns that consistently put valuable content in front of those prospects that are not quite ready to buy will keep your company at the top of their mind and continue to show the value your company has to offer. These campaigns can also be used as a means to upsell current customers, keeping them on for the long term.


Leveraging your blog articles within a monthly newsletter email blast can make them far more useful to your prospects and customers. Previews and links to these articles help to drive website visits and will guide them toward converting on the CTA’s you’ve placed on your articles. This can provide valuable information on the interests of your prospects and their stage in the buyer’s journey.

Trade Shows

Trade shows offer a variety of different ways to blend inbound and outbound tactics. Social media posts and email blasts can help draw attention to your booth. Following up with those you engaged with after the show with teleprospecting efforts can help to qualify leads and set appointments with your sales team. Your content can also be leveraged on flyers and presentations given during a show.

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