Enhancing Your B2B Video Content

Posted by James Lawson on Sep 18, 2020 10:07:22 AM

Enhancing Your B2B Video ContentWhen using videos for marketing purposes you want to make the most of your time and investment. When we talk about enhancing video content, we are mainly talking about how to maximize the time and money spent for this content. Here are a few tips on how to do this and effectively reach your audience without losing them in the process.

Start Strong

Start with a question or a strong statement right out of the gate. You are most likely to lose your audience within the first ten seconds of your video. Some would argue it’s the most critical time of any video content. That’s why I suggest coming out the gate and getting right to the point, if it gets dragged out you may lose your audience before you have them. That is why I suggest starting with a question, this allows the audience to think while your video is still developing.

Add Value

Getting to the point is great but most importantly adding value to the content on why your customer should continue to watch this video will keep them watching and adds appeal on if they are going to share it with their friends or not. Give the content that is being presented the appeal it deserves and tell the customer how it will benefit their lives by going with your company or purchasing your product.

Use a Script

Keeping focused on the topic at hand is always important and if that topic gets lost so will your audience. Adding a script or main bullet points to hit will keep the content not only on track but also give it direction. Making sure that you hit all the appeal while staying on message will certainly enhance your video content and make the time and money spent on this creation well worth the company’s time and effort.

Call to Action

Directing customers on where and how to get what you are selling is like putting punctuation on a sentence, it’s a must. If your company did an amazing job giving the audience everything they needed they are going to want to look into purchasing or taking part in what the content conveyed. But if there is no call to action, they are left confused and wondering what was actually happening. Enhance your video content the right way and this is a perfect way to tie it all together.

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