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5 Steps To Effective Event Promotion

Event promotion is a key part of any successful event planning. It is important to ensure that your event reaches the right audience and gets them excited about attending. Leveraging influencers and other forms of online engagement can help spread the word about your upcoming event. Promoting your next event doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right strategies, you can make sure that everyone knows about your upcoming event and is excited to attend it. Here are some tips for promoting your next event.

Why We Celebrate Presidents Day

Presidents Day is celebrated in the United States to honor all presidents, both past and present. It is a federal holiday on the third Monday of February every year and was first declared by Congress in 1885.

Drive Growth With Dark Social Media

2023 is sure to bring many changes in the world of social media. Marketers should be aware of emerging trends like dark social, sharing content via private messages, which could impact how people interact with brands online.

5 Steps To Partner Recruitment

One of your company’s most important elements of success is having the right channel partner. A good channel partner should have certain characteristics that will allow them to successfully represent and advocate for your products or services. The ideal channel partner should have a good knowledge base about the target industry and market, which would be beneficial in helping to get your product out there.

Don't Forget To Add Teleprospecting To Your Marketing Plan

In adapting to the changing marketing landscape, businesses need to be agile in how they approach their target audience. Teleprospecting has been around for a long time and is still an effective marketing tool in today's digital environment. Here are a few ways to use teleprospecting to reach potential customers: