6 Tips For Marketing Your Next Event

Posted by Christina Zumwalt on Aug 17, 2022 1:37:23 PM

6 Tips For Marketing Your Next EventWe all know that planning an event is no easy task and can take weeks or months to get every aspect and detail just right. Marketing your event starts with establishing a baseline for the buyer persona and volume of your target audience. You may have a great itinerary, but your event will provide little value if you’ve got the wrong attendees. Here are a few content and promotion ideas to help you plan the perfect event for your business.

Create News Releases

The first piece of content you should produce is a news release that announces your event and the topics your attendees will learn about. You’ll want to let people know who your speakers are and the value they will provide to your ideal persona. Entertainment and accommodations are particularly interesting to event goers and should be promoted. As the event draws closer, you’ll want to have several different press releases prepared to go out.

Use Video

Video has become an essential tool in event promotion. There are several different avenues you can take with your videos, and it’s best to use a variety of tactics. You can use snippets from past events to show a few highlights and interview the speakers and entertainers for the upcoming event to give a teaser of what they’ll be talking about.

Include Event Details In Blogs

As your most forward-facing content, your company blog plays a key role in the success of your event. You’ll want to write about different pain points and challenges your ideal attendee has and then include a call to action that directs them to your event registration page.

Promote On Social Media

Social media is currently the top place to connect with influencers and people with a strong internet presence. These people can help you get the right attention for your event. You’ll want to ensure you use images instead of just posting a link, as they tend to attract the most clicks. You’ll also want to tag the people that will be speaking at the event so they can respond and increase the reach of your posts.

Send Invite Emails

Segment your contact lists to ensure you are focusing on your ideal audience. You’ll want to have a short but catchy subject line. Within the body of the email, describe the value the person will get from attending the event and provide clear direction on how to sign up. A visually stimulating CTA that guides them to your registration page is essential.

Include Teleprospecting

There is still no replacing a live conversation in today’s marketing world. Contracting a reputable telemarketing firm for an event registration campaign will help you reach your most highly targeted attendees. Phone conversations generate stronger confirmations, and in many cases, the prospect will register while on the call.

Leverage Winn for your next event!