5 Ways To Revive B2B Leads That Have Gone Cold

Posted by Michael Auer on Feb 6, 2019 11:24:18 AM

5 Ways To Revive B2B Leads That Have Gone ColdThere are several factors that contribute to a B2B lead going cold.  It may be from lack of interest, an ineffective value proposition, or they may simply be too busy to explore new products or services.  In any case, there are several ways you can reopen the lines of communication.

Break-Up Email

If traditional outreach has gone unresponsive, it may be time to craft a break-up email.  A break-up email is an attempt to reengage a prospect by offering to end the relationship.  These are most effective when a bit of humor is added to your approach.  A clever pun or reference to a famous break-up can serve as the foundation for a humorous email that often times can rekindle a relationship.

3-Dimensional Mail Pieces

It is entirely possible that the reason your prospect is not responding to you is that they are drowning in email or prospecting calls.  In these cases, it can be helpful to send out a 3-D mail piece.  Something that is eye-catching, fun and contains a valuable offer can be just the thing to kickstart your communications.  Consider offering a discount or free promotional items that can be obtained simply by reaching out to your company.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is a great way to communicate with prospects on a more personal and relaxed level.  It also offers you the opportunity to engage with their content, and in a roundabout way, remind them of your pending relationship.  Simply liking, sharing or commenting on your target’s posts can help to reestablish a connection.  Even sending a funny meme that relates to their industry can give you a foot in the door.

Event Invitations

This could be an invite to an event you’re hosting or a request to meet up at a third-party event you may both be attending.  If this is a major target, you may even consider offering a free pass to an event with the intention of meeting up at some point during the occasion.  This can be particularly effective as it offers the opportunity for a face to face meeting in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  It can also provide them with significant value depending on the cost of the event.

Special Offers

This could be a free or discounted product or service or the offer of a free trial of some kind.  In many cases a purchase decision comes down to price.  A trial period allows your prospects to see the value in your product without having to absorb any risk.  They may come to discover that your product is something that they truly need, which will open up communications and possible negotiations.

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