5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Website

Posted by Michael Auer on Feb 19, 2021 10:39:31 AM

5 Ways To Improve Your B2B WebsiteYour website is essentially your online company headquarters and it should be optimized to provide an enjoyable user experience and generate leads. Websites should be continually updated to maintain a modern look and incorporate new features. A full website redesign is recommended every three years for B2B organizations. Here we take a look at five ways to improve your B2B website.

Make Navigation Clear And Simple

94% of consumers say they want an easy to navigate website. This is according to a new survey by Clutch which looked to identify the top website features people value most. Small business owners with a digital presence, therefore, must create websites with a great user experience (UX) to ensure their audience stays engaged and they return.”

Add Calls To Action On Each Page

Calls to action provide direction for your customers to continue through the buyer’s journey. CTA’s should be easy to spot with unique colors that stand out from the rest of your website design. Each one should lead to some kind of premium offer housed on a landing page. These offers can be content, consultations, subscriptions or any other action you want your visitors to take.

Publish Entertaining And Educational Blog Articles

Blog articles are the number one way to drive visitors to your website. Consistently publishing 3-4 articles per week can greatly increase traffic and improve SEO. Write on topics that are challenges for your customers and provide a solution. Avoid being overly promotional and focus on providing valuable information and entertainment to the reader.

Create A Resource Page Packed With Premium Content

A resource page that houses all of your premium content including ebooks, whitepapers, case studies and videos is a must for converting visitors into leads. They can also be quite valuable in the sales process as a way for prospects to learn more about your solutions. Your resource page can also include offers such as free consultations or demos to help convert prospects.

Upgrade And Add To Your Visual Content

Visual content assets such as demo videos, infographics and high-quality images are instrumental in creating a quality user experience. They are the preferred method for absorbing information for a large portion of the population and can make complex ideas or concepts easier to understand.

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