5 Ways B2B Organization Can Increase Online Presence

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 17, 2020 9:35:03 AM

Online channels have been flooded in recent months and that trend is going to continue. It is vital that B2B organizations take active steps to maintain and grow their online presence. Your ability to be found online will have a tremendous impact on your bottom line, regardless of the size of your business. Here we explore five ways B2B organizations can increase online presence.

Increase Your Blogging Frequency

The more content you produce, the more opportunities you have to show up online. Having an online presence is all about showing up in search engines, on social media, and sites like YouTube.” Ideally, you should be posting at least three times per week. Keep your content diverse by using different writers as well as a variety of media including written blogs, videos and infographics.

Invest In Paid Advertising

A faster solution to building an online presence is through online advertising. If your ad shows up in the top search results, you'll build brand awareness and increase your visibility online. You can advertise on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Additionally, you can look into social media advertising.” LinkedIn advertising works particularly well for B2B organizations due to their granular targeting options and list upload functions.

Run A Public Relations Campaign

Digital PR is a powerful strategy which can improve a brand’s online presence and visibility. To make the most impact, digital PR relies on Internet-based strategies such as search engine optimization, content marketing, influencer outreach and social media.” Getting your content in the right hands and on the right websites can dramatically increase your online presence and help you reach more of your target audience.

Engage In LinkedIn Discussion Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to very quickly hone in on exactly the right industry experts, industry peers, and industry prospects in whatever industry or category you serve or sell to.” LinkedIn groups can get your content in front of large portions of your target market without the advertising cost. They are also a great place to network and engage with potential customers.

Develop A Webinar Series

Webinars provide businesses with a way to host a digital, interactive event for members of their target audience and customers, no matter their location. Webinars can be used to boost conversions, improve brand awareness, increase revenue, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.” A series of webinars focused on educating and entertaining your audience can quickly gain traction with the right promotion behind them and dramatically increase your following.

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