5 Secrets To Successful LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 31, 2020 10:20:51 AM

5 Secrets To Successful LinkedIn Advertising CampaignsLinkedIn ads are a valuable tool for B2B organizations looking to generate leads and brand awareness within a highly refined audience. Successful campaigns require planning, creativity, value and an appropriate budget. Here we take a look into five secrets to successful LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Get Their Attention

As with any other type of content, the headline of your ad should be attention-grabbing and communicate value. You want to be clear about what you’re offering, but create enough intrigue for your audience to stop and read the ad. Using humor, video, high-quality images and focusing on the needs of your prospects will help to improve ad performance. A/B testing will allow you to identify what resonates best with your audience.

Refine Your Audience

Narrowing your audience allows you to tailor your messaging to the pain point being experience by a particular niche audience. LinkedIn provides very granular targeting options and even allows you to upload lists of companies or contacts. This makes it very easy to incorporate a social media component to traditional lead generation campaigns. Getting your ads in front of the right audience will have a tremendous impact on downloads and the quality of your leads.

Create Multiple Ads

LinkedIn will only show each member of your selected audience the same ad once every 48 hours. Developing at least 4 ads for each campaign allows you to get in front of your target audience more frequently and with fresh content. Each ad within a campaign should provide a little something different. You can link to landing pages that house videos, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, case studies, free trials or even free consultations.

Allocate Enough Budget

The length of your campaign, size of your audience and overall campaign objectives will dictate the amount of budget you will need to allocate to reach your goals. If you’re looking to reach an audience estimated at ten thousand contacts, you will want to budget between one and three thousand dollars per month to ensure you’re able to reach the majority of them at least a few times.

Provide Valuable Offers

Your ad is only as good as the offer that stands behind it. Since LinkedIn does not provide data on who clicked on your ads, getting them to download is imperative to the success of your campaign. Each offer should be tailored to a specific audience and address their most pressing pain points. Whether the value is educational, entertaining or monetary, it has to be enough to persuade them to provide their information.

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