5 Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Ideas For Your B2B Tech Firm

Posted by Michael Auer on Mar 11, 2020 9:56:05 AM

5 Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Ideas For Your B2B Tech FirmUsing a variety of channels to reach your prospects is nothing new, but determining which tactics work best together, and for what purpose, is imperative in capitalizing on a multi-channel approach. Here we’ve outlined five multi-channel marketing campaigns that leverage both inbound and outbound tactics.

Teleprospecting – Email Blasts – LinkedIn Ads

Quarterly Lead Generation Campaign

Start your campaign with an email blast to your target universe that includes educational information about your product and some kind of call to action.  Launch a LinkedIn ad campaign that consists of 4 ads that are aimed at the same audience. Anyone who clicks or opens an email or downloads an offer through your ad campaign should be followed up with immediately and at least once every two weeks until the record is resolved. In the interim, calls should be placed to the entire universe and all confirmed contacts should receive a personalized fulfilment email piece. These campaigns typically last 12 weeks, but can be extended for as long as desired.

Blogging – Premium Content – Social Media

6 month – 2 Year Digital Lead Generation And Brand Awareness Campaign

This is a bare bones content marketing campaign designed to increase digital lead activity over the long-term. You’ll want to create 12-16 per month and 1 premium piece per quarter. Social media should be used to promote your content through company page, discussion group and personal page postings. Your blog posts and landing pages should be joined by infographics and posts from reputable industry experts. Keeping your social pages consistently updated with educational, entertaining and engaging content is essential in building a following and brand awareness. It is important not to become frustrated if you don’t see immediate results, as content marketing is a long-term solution designed to provide consistent leads over time.

Email Blasts – Appointment Setting – Email Workflows

Quarterly Lead Generation Campaign With Long-Term Nurturing

This type of campaign includes email blasts and teleprospecting to generate leads with email workflows to nurture those not quite ready to buy. Typically, the goal of programs like this is to generate qualified appointments for your sales team. Email workflows allow these campaigns to continuously produce leads without any manual effort. Each email should have its own call to action and trigger another marketing outreach. The type and nature of this outreach will be dependent on what action the prospect takes. Once a prospect has shown true interest, a teleprospecting call should be made to set up an appointment.

Premium Content – Email Blasts – LinkedIn Ads

Quarterly And On-Going Digital Lead Generation Campaign

Developing a piece of premium content and promoting it through LinkedIn ads and email blasts is a great way to gain top of the funnel leads in both the short and long-term. Each of these leads will need further qualification down the line in order to turn them into sales qualified leads. You’ll need at least 2 email pieces, 4 LinkedIn ads and one piece of premium content for each quarter the program runs. All of your content should focus on one product and the problem it solves for your prospects. Targeting a specific audience in one particular niche will make these programs more efficient and effective.

Blogging – Premium Content – Social Media – Email Workflows – SEO – Email Blasts

Full-Scale 1-2 Year Digital Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing And Brand Awareness Campaign

This is your full-scale inbound marketing program designed to leverage all aspects of digital marketing to create continuous demand for your products. 12-16 monthly blog articles, 2-7 daily social media posts across all platforms, 1 premium piece per quarter, on-page and off-page SEO, email workflows for each data segment and weekly email blasts are all essential ingredients in implementing a true inbound marketing strategy. As previously mentioned, this is a long-term lead generation solution, but can be supplemented with outbound campaigns to drive immediate leads for your sales team.

Social media, email, paid advertising, blogging, and website strategies should all be audited periodically to ensure you’re getting the most out of each channel. This guide will walk you through many of the questions you need to ask when auditing your digital marketing strategy.

Marketing’s Digital Transformation A Guide To Auditing And Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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