5 Keys To Product Support Success

Posted by Michael Auer on Apr 27, 2017 12:10:28 PM

5 Keys To Product Support SuccessCustomer loyalty is one of the most important pieces to sustaining a successful business and properly supporting your products and services can make all the difference.  Whether a customer has a simple question or is in need of in-depth trouble shooting your ability to quickly and thoroughly help them will impact your ability to maintain your customer base.

Complete Knowledge Base

While new issues will always pop up it’s important that you develop a complete knowledge base that provides your agents with the information necessary to help your customers with any issue that may arise.  When compiling your knowledge base it’s a good idea to brainstorm with those most familiar with your products as well as the people that will be answering questions.  This will help you uncover potential questions that may not have been thought of when developing your product.


Having a well trained customer support staff is perhaps the most important part of any support process.  Employees should be well versed in the different features of your product or service and made well aware of common issues or problems that will arise.  Detailed scripting that provides clear answers and instructions will help your support team expertly communicate solutions and avoid conflict.

Curate Answers

As your product or service gains in popularity new questions and issues are sure to arise and it’s important that you document each of these cases.  This will allow you to curate your answers to improve the accuracy and quality of the support your company provides.

Reward Agents

With your staff being the face of your organization you will want to ensure they are comfortable and happy with their position.  Enthusiastic and well prepared associates provide a higher quality of customer service which will reflect positively on your company.  Alternatively, a disgruntled employee can destroy your reputation with one customer interaction.  Incentivizing your support team will improve employee morale and their quality of work.


Many companies lack the manpower needed to support their products and simply shortchanging your support team can bring about grave consequences.  In this case it may be a good idea to outsource your support needs to a company that specializes in product support and customer service.  This will ensure your customers receive the quality service that you wish to provide.

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