5 Keys To An Engaging Webinar

Posted by Michael Auer on Nov 16, 2021 10:21:18 AM

5 Keys To An Engaging WebinarWebinars have become an essential tool for B2B tech marketers as they allow for live demonstrations and interactions with prospects. They offer the opportunity to show the benefits and functionality of products while also humanizing your brand. Since most technologies can be pretty complicated, and many buyers are not necessarily tech-savvy, this forum can be extremely beneficial for marketers and salespeople. Making your webinar entertaining, educational and engaging is vital to its success. Here we take a look at five keys to an engaging webinar.

Pick An Engaging Topic

The first step is to pick a topic that your target audience is going to be interested in. This will typically involve a common pain point they experience and a potential solution to that problem. Business intelligence from previous sales and marketing campaigns should help you to choose, but also pay attention to what is trending online and on social media.

Create A Theme

Themes can be driven by holidays, sporting events, or even current news trends. This can make your event more fun and bring your audience together. The theme could also be geared toward a gift box or incentive that you’re sending to attendees. Food and drink tastings have become popular, with wine, spirits, chocolates, and coffee topping the list of themes.

Invite A Keynote Speaker

This doesn’t have to be someone famous. It could be someone with expertise and a little bit of clout in your industry or just someone who is inherently entertaining. This person could also serve as your moderator, bringing additional visibility to your event and making it more engaging. Not everyone on your webinar needs to be from your own company.

Incorporate Graphics, Images And Videos

The visual side of your webinar is essential when it comes to keeping your audience engaged. You don’t want your event to come across as just another Zoom meeting, which we’ve all had plenty of the last couple of years. Graphics and videos that are educational and entertaining will add some flair to your webinar and help explain your product in a compelling way.

Include A Q&A Session

The best way to conclude a webinar is with a question and answer session. This gives your audience a chance to interact directly with you and voice any questions or concerns. This will help you to identify truly interested prospects and provide you with valuable business intelligence that can be used to improve your messaging and product itself.

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