5 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas For B2B Organizations

Posted by Michael Auer on Sep 14, 2020 10:36:54 AM

5 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas For B2B OrganizationsEngaging your audience and building relationships is the name of the game when it comes to social media marketing, but there is a difference between creating meaningful engagement and simply accumulating vanity metrics. Building real relationships and gathering business intelligence should be the aim of your engagements. Here are just a few social media post ideas that will help to drive meaningful engagement.


Setting up a quiz that playfully allows your prospects to test their knowledge in different areas is a fun way get your customers engaged with your content. This may be something that tests their knowledge within their given industry or something more abstract that is simply for fun. These quizzes can also be geared in such a way that qualifies your prospects through creative question design. You also have the opportunity to capture their contact information by offering to email them their results.


Surveys not only help to drive engagement, they can be an extremely viable means of gathering market research. Surveying your customers can give you insights into common pain points of your target audience, help you to develop your products and even sculpt the way you interact with your customers. Much like an online quiz, surveys also allow you to capture contact information by offering to email the final results of your poll.


There are a variety of different types of calculators that you can house on your website, the most popular being the ROI calculator. Giving insight into how a prospect stands to benefit from using your product or services can jumpstart relationships and communicate the value of doing business with your organization. The results of these calculations can also provide potential customers the leverage needed to sell the rest of their team on your solution.


Offering online assessments that provide direction for optimizing a particular business process can be extremely valuable to potential clients. In some cases, these assessments can be automated with canned answers. For more complicated subject matter, you may need a live person to translate the results. The aim of these assessments is to provide value to your prospects all while communicating the uses of your technology and gathering business intelligence.


Webinars are a fantastic marketing tool. They allow your prospects to put a face with the name, demonstrate products and interact with your audience if they are done live. Webinars should be promoted heavily in the weeks leading up to the event and be based on common pain points of your target audience. Be sure to solicit questions from your audience both before and during your session.

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