5 Benefits Of B2B Account-Based Marketing

Posted by Michael Auer on Feb 18, 2020 12:10:27 PM

5 Benefits Of B2B Account-Based MarketingMore B2B organizations are realizing the effectiveness of account-based marketing in closing key accounts. Setting up a true ABM campaign will require a great deal of research and organization, but can provide several important benefits.

1. Closing Target Accounts

The primary goal of any marketing program is to close your target accounts. ABM has proven to be the most effective means of doing so as it narrows your audience, canvases an entire organization and allows for far greater personalization than a broader marketing initiative.

2. Personalized Messaging

Personalization has been a hot topic in marketing for some time now, but it goes much further than using a prospect’s name or company name. The true goal of personalization is to address a specific pain point that your prospect is experiencing and communicate how your solution solves that problem.

3. Networking Opportunities

Most companies have multiple product lines that are designed for different parts of an organization. While you may have an ABM program set up to pitch one particular product, as you canvas an entire organization, you are sure to come across decision makers that fit another product line. This can set you up for future business, and these relationships can spawn referrals into other departments within the company.

4. Business Intelligence

Perhaps just as important as gaining referrals and building relationships, targeting every level of an organization allows you to acquire a great deal of business intelligence that can help you to tailor your messaging and craft future campaigns. Even lower level employees and gate keepers can be valuable resources when trying to acquire a key account.

5. Greater Return On Investment

Provided you have done proper research into developing your list of target accounts, the return you receive on an ABM program should be far greater than a typical marketing outreach. Since you’re likely going after companies that provide the greatest opportunity and best fit for your company, close rates and deal size should be much higher.

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