4 Fun Remote Team Building Exercises

Posted by Michael Auer on Apr 6, 2020 8:44:03 AM

4 Fun Remote Team Building ExercisesA lot of marketers are currently working out of their homes, some for the first time. A strong team is essential in times like these and there are a variety of ways to keep your team united, even while working from home. Here are four fun ways to remotely bring your team together.

Virtual Coffee

Scheduling a time to meet with your team for coffee and donuts via video chat is a fun way to interact with your team in a relaxed way. The key here is to leave work completely out of it. Chat about funny experiences, share jokes and show off any crafts or projects you’ve been working on at home. Make this a regular occurrence and ensure everyone is involved.

Movie Night

Host a movie night for your employees. Netflix has a great feature where you can set up a watch party. The movie you’re watching will sync up for all employees and there is a chat box where everyone can interact and share reactions to the film. Be sure to choose something somewhat work friendly and gather input from your team before making a selection.

Home Tours

Now this may not be something everyone is willing to do, but it is a fun idea nonetheless. Taking a page from MTV Cribs, have a different employee take you on a tour of their home once a week.  Have them introduce their kids and pets. Encourage a humorous approach. Clearly this isn’t something you can require, but you’ll surely have some employees more than willing to participate.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is already extremely popular and available on a variety of platforms. Find out what everyone is into and which platforms they have available to them and assign rotating gaming partners so everyone gets a chance to play together. This is obviously something that should take place outside of normal working hours, but can be extremely effective in fighting the isolation and building relationships.


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