4 Email Workflows To Include In Your Digital Marketing Plan

Posted by Michael Auer on Apr 27, 2021 10:42:55 AM

message-5765634_640Email workflows are a key functionality of most marketing automation platforms, but marketers often don’t know how to take full advantage of them. Workflows allow you to craft highly target messages that can be automatically sent based on a particular trigger. This will enable you to nurture leads with less time and fewer resources.

Current Client Nurturing

Marketing to current clients is essential in gaining renewals and upselling additional products or services. This is a segment of your contact database that you’ve already built a relationship with, making it far easier to market to them. You ideally have a good amount of business intelligence on them, which can help you put the right products in front of them at the right time.

Digital Lead Qualification

Leads that come in through digital channels need further qualification in many cases. When a prospect downloads a piece of content or signs up for a premium offer, having email workflows triggered to follow up with them will help you maximize your digital campaigns. This also ensures that your sales team is only reaching out to qualified prospects.

Touch Base With Dormant Leads

In every business, some leads start off with interest and then slowly fade from view for one reason or another. Periodically touching these leads is an excellent idea as some sales will happen months, even years after their initial engagement. These emails should be purely informational and geared toward providing value in order to develop a stronger relationship that may lead to an eventual sale.

Event Follow Up

In-person events are starting to come back, and digital events have dramatically increased in numbers. Getting a return on investment for attending these events can be a long process. Email workflows that get new prospects more familiar with your business and its offerings can help to turn the attendees and connections from events into customers.

Email workflows are an integral part of successful digital marketing strategies. Creating workflows that segment your audience and focus on a singular goal can be incredibly effective in nurturing leads through the sales process. To learn more about email workflows and enhance your digital lead generation, click below to schedule a free marketing assessment and consultation.

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