3 Effective Account-Based Growth Marketing Tactics

Posted by Michael Auer on Sep 3, 2019 9:24:35 AM

3 Effective Account-Based Growth Marketing TacticsAccount-based programs are an integral part of an overall growth marketing strategy when the goal is to bring in your most sought-after accounts. The process of creating an account-based marketing campaign includes several steps and the implementation will require a multi-channel approach. Here we highlight three of the most effective ways to gain business from your priority accounts.

Engagement Through Social Media Channels

Strategically building connections throughout your target companies on social media will help bring attention to your brand and allow you to connect on a more personal level. Start by requesting membership in similar groups and liking and commenting on your target’s posts.  Once you’ve engaged with them in some manner, send them a personalized invite to connect.  Rather than immediately pitching them, send them something of value such as a piece of premium content or link to a relevant blog post. Add connections at every level of your target organizations, even if they are not a final decision maker. Any influencers and relationships you build through social channels will help increase your odds of gaining their business.  It never hurts to have evangelists within the company you are targeting that will communicate a favorable view of your company. Setting up separate social pages that only post content directed at your target company is a great way to get their attention and also guide them to your website or microsite that you have set up for them.

Personalized Email Nurturing Workflows

Develop several email campaigns that are personalized and only sent to your target company.  Emails should include company names and logos so they know it is meant just for them.  Develop workflows that deliver content that speaks directly to their areas of need and nurtures them through each stage of the buying process. Create different email pieces to target the different levels of decision makers within their company. Write material that not only speaks to the decision maker, but that creates a bond with potential influencers. The idea here is to continuously provide value while a prospect makes their purchase decision.

Customized Company-Centric Microsites

Microsites can have a tremendous impact on B2B prospects as they are highly personalized and show just how serious you are about doing business with their company. Welcome your visitors on your microsite’s homepage with a personalized message that includes their company name.  You can take this to the next level by including a short video that welcomes visitors and introduces your company. There should be no question who your microsite has been designed for. Including their company name and logo on each page is sure to grab the attention of your visitors. Creating a blog page that contains personalized articles addressing the specific pain points of a particular client is a great way to educated your audience and showcase your expertise. Speaking directly to a client through a blog article can help develop a relationship even without a live touch. There should be calls to action on each page of your site that link to premium content and service offers. Landing pages with forms will allow you to convert your visitors into leads, capture their contact information, get valuable marketing insights and determine where they stand in the buying cycle. Including offers and special pricing packages that are geared specifically to your target company will increase your chances of conversion.

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