10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic With Social Media

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 10, 2021 11:37:36 AM

10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic With Social MediaDriving website traffic is near the top of most of our lists when it comes to social media marketing goals. Gaining followers, creating engagement and building awareness all come from consistently posting quality content, but there is more to it than content creation. Here we take a look at ten ways to increase website traffic with social media.

1. Write A Detailed Bio

Your bio should tell your story while still making it clear exactly what you do. A detailed backstory and fun facts about your business can humanize your brand. Include a link to your About Us page so that interested prospects can learn more about your organization.

2. Leverage Testimonials

Prospects tend to trust the word of a previous customer more than that of the brand itself. Testimonials provide social proof that can lend credibility to your brand and improve your reputation. Linking these testimonials to case studies on your website can help drive traffic.

3. Try Different Platforms

LinkedIn tends to be the go-to platform for B2B organizations, and with good reason, but traffic can be generated from any social media site. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and even Tik Tok can be used to build awareness and encourage people to view your website.

4. Find Your Ideal Posting Time

Reading about best practices will not necessarily provide you with the best time to reach your specific audience. Take a look at your own numbers and base your posting schedule around the times when your followers engage the most with your content.

5. Include Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing buttons should be included and made very visible on each blog article that you publish. This makes it easy for readers to share your posts with their network, significantly increasing your reach, following, and website visits.

6. Post In Discussion Groups

LinkedIn and Facebook discussion groups are great places to distribute your blog articles and engage with posts from prospects. Search out the groups that your target audience frequents and request entry. Be sure to engage with other content more than you post.

7. Use Paid Advertising

If you have a popular blog post, you should consider sponsoring it to increase its reach and put it in front of a broader, more targeted audience. You can also use advertisements to drive people to your landing pages. Strategically refine your audience to get the most out of your ads.

8. Engage With Followers And Prospects

Engaging with posts from your followers and prospects is one of the best ways to build a relationship, as you are providing them value by enhancing the reach of their content. Direct messages can also be used to share content that you think will be helpful to them.

9. Create Visual Content

Visual content is shared more than anything else on social media and is necessary to get real traction on any platform. High-quality images, infographics, and videos will draw your followers' attention and make them more likely to look at what else you have on your website.

10. Get Your Whole Company Involved

Personal profiles tend to have better reach than company pages, so encouraging your entire company to engage with your posts is a must to increase visibility. Not only will this put your content in front of their networks, the engagement with boost the reach of your original post.

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