Which Marketing Strategies To Use, And When

Posted by Michael Auer on Mar 2, 2020 10:08:12 AM

Which Marketing Strategies To Use, And WhenThe marketing tactics and strategies that you implement will largely depend on the goals of your business. Growth marketing refers to aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals. Here we’ve outlined which marketing strategies are most effective in the short term, long term and for maintaining a consistent pipeline.

To Generate Immediate Leads – Teleprospecting, Email, Advertising

To gain an instant influx of leads, a combination of teleprospecting, email and paid advertising can be very effective. These types of campaigns typically last 12 weeks and are designed to provide your sales team with qualified appointments in a short time period. While each technique can be used alone, your campaigns will be more effective if you leverage all three channels together. Developing call guides, email messaging and ads that contain consistent messaging will allow you to reach your prospects in a variety of ways and ideally through their preferred channel.

For The Long-Term – Inbound Marketing, Lead Nurturing

Inbound marketing consists primarily of blogging, premium content creation, email workflows, SEO and social media posting.  Inbound programs can take a great deal of set-up and typically will not begin to show real results for 3-6 months. However, once you have a solid inbound infrastructure in place, it can bring you leads for years to come. Many of the leads gained through content downloads require further qualification and nurturing. That’s where lead nurturing campaigns come in. These can consist of email workflows along with teleprospecting outreach.  They are designed to take those prospects who have some level of interest, but are not yet ready for an appointment, and guide them through the marketing funnel. Nurturing campaigns can also be extremely effective to upsell and renew current customers.

Consistent Pipeline – Integrating Inbound And Outbound

In order to provide a consistent flow of leads to your sales team, it is best to blend both inbound and outbound marketing into a true multi-channel approach. Incorporating both sides allows you to reach your entire target audience through their preferred channels and keeps your company at the top of their minds. A blended approach will provide consistent leads over time through inbound marketing, while still including outbound lead generation campaigns for new product lines, new target markets and events.

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