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Choosing Your Attitude Can Help Your Company And Your Marketing Strategy

Here at Winn Technology Group we employ the fish philosophy. We love to empower our employees and make sure they are giving 100% to make sure they are successful at what they do. A big component of the Fish Philosophy is choosing your attitude.

Packing Tips For Your Next Business Trip

When your job requires frequent business trips with overnight stays, traveling and packing can start to feel like a real chore.  Here are a few tips for packing lightly and effectively for business travel:

How To Effectively Use Video For B2B Marketing

How To Fill Your Sales Pipeline


Your sales pipeline is the journey that your prospects take on the way to becoming customers. Ideally, you want your sales pipeline to be constantly full of prospects at different points in their journey, so you always have leads to nurture into sales. So how do you get potential clients into your pipeline? Here are a few ways to keep your pipeline full:

How To Write A Killer Email Piece

 If you’re anything like me, you probably get a ton of marketing emails each and every day! Which ones do you open and why? You probably send out emails regularly to send out valuable information, let customers know about new products or services or even let them know about an upcoming sale. You want to send out a great email that grabs their attention and doesn’t get deleted before it even had a chance. Here are our favorite tips in writing a great email piece that gets opened and has a high click rate.