5 Keys To Public Speaking

Posted by Edward Fitzgerald on Jul 23, 2019 10:03:26 AM

5 Keys To Public SpeakingWith so many ways to reach out and communicate in 2019, we often forget the powerful impact that our ability to speak publicly and in front of large groups can leave. Focusing on some key aspects of the skill can be the best way to improve yours. I would characterize a successful speech around five points; clarity, posture, grammar, vocabulary, and eye contact. The very first businesses and marketers wouldn't have had a studio or a Twitter account; it would have begun with rhetorical skill. The ability to motivate, inspire, and persuade another person to believe in you or your idea in person is perhaps the most important skill for building a successful message, relationship, or business.

Speak Clearly

When addressing a crowd, we can easily forget what it is like to be in one. Hearing the speaker, and understanding what it is being said can be challenging at times; speaking too quickly or slowly can have a negative impact on your audiences' perception of your message. Also using a clear tone and proper pronunciation is essential to having your message understood. This combination makes you easy to listen to and can be the perfect foundation for having a successful speech.

Shoulders Back

Some might consider this element of a successful speech common sense; however, it is less common than you might think. Everyone does it and forgets that they are doing it. People should remember that standing tall with your shoulders back is a clear indicator of confidence and preparation. This visual aspect of your message has an unmistakable impact on your audiences' perception of you and your message. It is fair to point out that good posture is not the only aspect of the visual component. Small pacing is useful if there is no podium.

It's Not Only What You Say, But How You Say It

The value of having proper grammar and syntax in a speech cannot be overstated. This is especially crucial in a persuasive message or business setting. Convincing another person to become your customer or a supporter in any way will become exponentially more difficult if you appear to be unintelligent. The value of a message can be destroyed by having that message articulated inadequately; and, more often than not the audience perception of your message very much translates to the product, business or greater goal of that message.

Show Your Vocabulary

For some, it might be time to pull out the SAT book and thesaurus. A vast and expressive vocabulary can be a golden asset when addressing a group or even a crowd. When we use a more advanced vocabulary, we look and sound more informed and authoritative on a subject or issue. An audience will have a more attentive relationship with a speaker when they hear a higher level of words being used. It changes the perception to one of an educational and informative setting, which is crucial when establishing the position of being a thought leader.

Looking The Look

Arguably the least appreciated of the five elements relating to having a good speech is having good eye contact. In the modern era, we have so many digital channels to communicate on, that we don't have the same opportunity to engage our audiences' directly as we did in the past. Engaging our customers and associates through our social media and our phones can make us forget the value of looking into the eyes of the people we are addressing. People relating to your message are, as I have indicated in the passages so far, a visual as well auditory experience. A speaker should remember to look around the room and make eye contact at several different points during a speech. Never look down for too long, even while reading. Look up periodically, as it will maintain your audiences' connection and will keep them engaged.

In Conclusion

Public speaking is challenging, as it is in a manner of speaking, an art form. Finding the right balance in your speaking craft with the points which I have outlined takes practice and can be a long time before perfecting. Finding ways to practice by putting yourself in public speaking settings as often as possible can make a big difference on the journey to becoming an excellent public speaker. The more practice you have, the more confident you will be. This is what turns presenting into a very memorable, enjoyable experience for the speaker as well as the listeners.

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