5 Types Of Interactive Content That Drive Engagement

Getting prospects to interact with your posts, whether on social media, through email or on your website, is one of the best ways to increase your reach and personalize your brand.  Building relationships has always been instrumental in the sales and marketing process and has never been more important than it is today.  Humanizing your brand and providing an immersive customer experience is necessary in order to stand out from your competitors.  Here we’ve outlined five different types of interactive content that will drive prospect and customer engagement.

15 B2B Social Media Post Ideas For 2019

Keeping your social pages fresh and filled with engaging content can be a difficult task.  Establishing a social media calendar that provides guidelines for each post will ensure your social posts have an impact.  Here we’ve put together 15 post ideas to include in your social media calendar for 2019.

3 Trends Shaping Marketing Automation In 2019

Marketing automation platforms have become a requirement in today’s digital world and they continue to evolve at a tremendous pace.  B2B organizations looking to leverage highly measurable marketing campaigns will rely heavily on platforms that allow for detailed tracking in a centralized dashboard.  While there are numerous tools that can be used as part of a marketing stack, having one platform that offers a variety of powerful tools and integrations can make managing and measuring your campaigns much more efficient.  That being said, changes in technology and customer behavior continue to shape the evolution of marketing automation platforms.

The Impact Of Social Media On SEO

Social media is everywhere and can have an impact on every aspect of your marketing strategy.  SEO is no exception.  Search engine algorithms take hundreds of factors into consideration when forming their results.  With every new algorithm update comes a new set of standards to measure up to.  One thing that will never stop working; putting quality content in the right hands.

Optimizing Your B2B Social Media Strategy

While some still doubt the effectiveness of social media in B2B marketing, those that have realized its importance are reaping the benefits.  Developing your buyer personas to identify where your prospects get their information and what their pain points are will help you to sculpt content that fits their needs.  Valuable content that educates and entertains as well as visual content are the basis of an effective social media strategy, however, further action is needed.