Refining Your B2B Social Media Strategy

At this point, just about every organization has realized the value of social media as a marketing tool. However, there are still many companies that struggle to understand the best ways to use it. Here are a few tips to bring your social media pages to life.

Social Media’s Impact On SEO

There are hundreds of factors that affect your website’s SEO and social media is becoming an increasingly strong influence on search rankings.  There are a variety of ways that social media impacts SEO.  Here we break down some of the key factors.

A Tactical Approach To B2B Growth Marketing

The heart of growth marketing is building brand awareness.  Growth marketing focuses on the entire funnel rather than just feeding the top while putting an emphasis on the lifetime value of a customer instead of just the initial sale.  Growth marketing requires building an audience and a following to move your products rather than focusing on selling an individual product.  It also entails a great deal of lead nurturing and marketing to current customers.  Here we outline seven key components of building a growth marketing strategy.

5 Ways To Get Your Prospect’s Attention On Social Media

The internet is the most influential place to hook your prospect’s attention. With nearly 4 billion internet consumers, it’s no surprise that it’s a game changer for numerous companies around the world. Having attention grabbing content across social media is one of the most effective ways to continue developing your company. To stay ahead of the competition, try following these methods to grab your prospect’s attention.

What Makes A Social Media Post Engaging?

Social media engagement statistics are not vanity metrics.  Consistently posting engaging content to your company pages and distributing them throughout your network is an important part of expanding brand awareness and the reach of your messaging.  Not only can you gain website traffic and customers through social media posting, it makes your other marketing efforts more effective.  It provides a valuable tool for your customers to learn about your business and the solutions you offer.  Here we touch on some of the key points that make a social media post engaging.