The Winn Demand Blog Year In Review

Here at the Winn Demand Blog we cover a variety of marketing topics aimed at the B2B technology space.  From channel marketing to social media, we’ve encompassed nearly everything from the traditional to the digital.   Here are a few of our favorite blog posts from 2018.

How To Reach Your Marketing KPI’s In 2019

One of the major benefits of marketing technology is the increase ability to track and analyze key performance indicators.  Being able to show progress in establishing brand awareness as well as clear ROI on your marketing efforts in regards to revenue is essential in creating an efficient and effective marketing strategy.  Here we take a look at how to improve some of the most common marketing KPI’s.

3 Trends Shaping Marketing Automation In 2019

Marketing automation platforms have become a requirement in today’s digital world and they continue to evolve at a tremendous pace.  B2B organizations looking to leverage highly measurable marketing campaigns will rely heavily on platforms that allow for detailed tracking in a centralized dashboard.  While there are numerous tools that can be used as part of a marketing stack, having one platform that offers a variety of powerful tools and integrations can make managing and measuring your campaigns much more efficient.  That being said, changes in technology and customer behavior continue to shape the evolution of marketing automation platforms.

Multi-Channel B2B Event Promotion

Promoting an event has become a much more involved process than in years past.  Simply making a few phone calls and shooting out an email blast is no longer enough to attain quality registrations.  Technology has changed marketing for good, and event promotions are no exception.  Here we break down a 5-pronged approach toward promoting your next B2B marketing event.

3 Steps Toward B2B Brand Personalization

It’s hard to argue the value of personalization in the marketing and sales process.  From the beginning of time people have known you need to build a relationship and trust with your potential buyers in order to close the deal.  How to go about that on a large scale is the lingering question.