5 Ways To Make Your B2B Marketing Team More Efficient

With an increased focus on ROI, marketers have become challenged not only to produce results, but to prove them.  This makes operational efficiency extremely important for your marketing department.  Here are just a few tips to make your B2B marketing team more efficient.

A Tactical Approach To B2B Growth Marketing

The heart of growth marketing is building brand awareness.  Growth marketing focuses on the entire funnel rather than just feeding the top while putting an emphasis on the lifetime value of a customer instead of just the initial sale.  Growth marketing requires building an audience and a following to move your products rather than focusing on selling an individual product.  It also entails a great deal of lead nurturing and marketing to current customers.  Here we outline seven key components of building a growth marketing strategy.

Six Steps For Building An Efficient Sales Pipeline

Building a pipeline of qualified prospects can be a monumental task but it is necessary in order to maintain consistent sales of your products and services.  While every company will experience their ups and downs, having a well-developed sales pipeline will ensure your company is able to stay afloat even during the lean times.

The Winn Demand Blog Year In Review

Here at the Winn Demand Blog we cover a variety of marketing topics aimed at the B2B technology space.  From channel marketing to social media, we’ve encompassed nearly everything from the traditional to the digital.   Here are a few of our favorite blog posts from 2018.

How To Reach Your Marketing KPI’s In 2019

One of the major benefits of marketing technology is the increase ability to track and analyze key performance indicators.  Being able to show progress in establishing brand awareness as well as clear ROI on your marketing efforts in regards to revenue is essential in creating an efficient and effective marketing strategy.  Here we take a look at how to improve some of the most common marketing KPI’s.