How To Produce A Higher Quality Lead

The eternal struggle of sales and marketing alignment comes down to the volume and quality of the leads being generated. Creating a higher quality lead can only be achieved when sales and marketing teams collaborate to establish clear buyer personas and lead definitions. Once that has been accomplished, you can dive into the tactical side of lead generation. Here we outline how marketers can produce a higher quality lead.

How To Follow Up And Nurture B2B Leads

Timely follow ups and lead nurturing are instrumental in establishing a healthy sales and marketing pipeline. Knowing your prospects preferred method of communication and nurturing leads with a multi-channel approach will ensure the efforts made to get them in your funnel will not go to waste.

5 Keys To B2B Customer Retention

Developing customer loyalty is an integral part of sustaining and growing any business.  Not only do loyal customers provide you with consistent income, it is much more cost effective to retain and upsell current clients.

5 Ways To Revive B2B Leads That Have Gone Cold

There are several factors that contribute to a B2B lead going cold.  It may be from lack of interest, an ineffective value proposition, or they may simply be too busy to explore new products or services.  In any case, there are several ways you can reopen the lines of communication.

Lead Nurturing: Calculated Persistence For The Marketing Win

HubSpot describes lead nurturing as “a way to stay connected to the leads you collect that aren't ready to buy from you yet and build up trust until they are ready.”  There is a fine line between nurturing a lead and agitating them with an overwhelming amount of messaging.  Once a prospect has found their way into your pipeline, you want to do your best to build a relationship with them until they are ready to buy.  This can be done by using several different tactics.  Paying attention to your prospect’s online activity and responses to your messaging will help you to understand how and when to contact them.  Here we go over four of the most effective ways to nurture prospects and current clients.