What’s Missing From Your Content Marketing Strategy?

A content marketing strategy cannot thrive on written blogs alone.  Even long form content is slowly moving out of favor.  Keeping your content strategy fresh and dynamic requires using different types of media and creative personalization. 

The Best Way To Qualify Inbound Marketing Leads

Marketing automation allows you to reach out to and nurture interested prospects on a mass scale without having to employee a large team to perform the outreach.  However, converting inbound leads into sales qualified leads and customers requires a more personal touch.  Sales teams rarely have the bandwidth to manage the number of leads generated from marketing automation and at times these leads will be very early in the buying process. What’s the solution when there are “too many leads” and not enough resources to properly nurture them? Surprisingly, it’s a marketing tool that predates marketing automation by decades: teleprospecting.

How To Audit Your Blogging Strategy

Blog writing is an integral piece in any content strategy and just like any other aspect of marketing, it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis.  Even if you’re hitting your goals, there is always room for improvement.  Here we’ve identified 10 questions to ask when evaluating your blogging strategy.

Seven Signs Of Valuable Content

What makes a piece of content valuable?  With content marketing playing a major role in marketing plans of many B2B technology organizations, answering this question will go a long way toward giving you the results you’re looking for from your campaigns.

How To Reach Your Marketing KPI’s In 2019

One of the major benefits of marketing technology is the increase ability to track and analyze key performance indicators.  Being able to show progress in establishing brand awareness as well as clear ROI on your marketing efforts in regards to revenue is essential in creating an efficient and effective marketing strategy.  Here we take a look at how to improve some of the most common marketing KPI’s.