5 Ways To Make The Best Of Being Isolated

With so many people working at home and all of the shut downs, it is important to find ways to entertain yourself and keep your mind sharp. While many will take to the internet and binge watch their favorite shows, we’d like to offer up a few fun alternatives.

Refining Your B2B Go To Market Strategy

Refining your go to market strategy will have a significant impact on sales in both the short and long term. Determining your target market, having a unified approach and leveraging multiple channels will ensure the success of your product launch.

Which Marketing Strategies To Use, And When

The marketing tactics and strategies that you implement will largely depend on the goals of your business. Growth marketing refers to aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals. Here we’ve outlined which marketing strategies are most effective in the short term, long term and for maintaining a consistent pipeline.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Target Audience

Targeting niche markets is far more effective and efficient than mass marketing initiatives that include numerous contacts that are not your ideal customer. Breaking down your buyer personas and thoroughly researching the companies that you know fit your target audience will help make your marketing campaigns more successful. Here we highlight four reasons you need to really know your target audience.

2019 Winn Demand Blog Year In Review

Here at the Winn Demand Blog we cover a variety of marketing topics aimed at the B2B technology space. From channel marketing to social media, we’ve encompassed nearly everything from the traditional to the digital. Here are our five most popular blogs from 2019.