How To Spend Your Marketing Budget In 2020

We’re in Q4 of 2019 and marketing budgets for 2020 are beginning to be established. As budgets migrate mostly toward digital campaigns, it’s important to determine where you will see the biggest benefits, whether that be an increase in lead generation or brand awareness. Here we’ve outlined a few wise ways to spend your 2020 marketing budget.

Opportunities Vs. Leads: The Foundation Of Marketing And Sales Alignment

The definition of a lead has changed drastically over the last 20 years.  “In B2B today, the word “lead” is used exclusively to signify a person who’s responded to a marketing or sales tactic.”

Channel Marketing Trends 2020

Supporting your channel partner’s marketing efforts is at the top of this list. Increased involvement with campaign development, easily accessible market development funds and the sharing of co-branded marketing materials are all necessary to increase the revenue being produced from your channel community.

The Importance Of Social Media For B2B Organizations

Some marketers dispute the effectiveness of social media for B2B organizations, but in truth, there can be significant value, provided you have clear goals and a formal plan. Your social media strategy should align with your overall marketing plan and work in tandem with the different campaigns that you’re running.

The Value Of A Content Calendar

Content marketing can be an extremely effective means of driving website visits and conversions, provided you have a well thought out and organized plan. A content calendar is an organizational tool that helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns as well as your marketing team.