2019 Winn Demand Blog Year In Review

Here at the Winn Demand Blog we cover a variety of marketing topics aimed at the B2B technology space. From channel marketing to social media, we’ve encompassed nearly everything from the traditional to the digital. Here are our five most popular blogs from 2019.

What To Consider When Rebranding Your B2B Organization

Rebranding your company is a major undertaking and requires a buy-in from your entire organization.  There are many different tasks and aspects of your business you’ll need to adjust.  Here’s how to make it happen.

10 Must-See Marketing Conferences For 2020

Attending marketing conferences are a great way to build your brand, make new connections and sharpen your marketing skills. There is no shortage of events that one can attend.  Here are ten that we feel are the must-see conferences of 2020.

B2B Marketing Bucket List For 2020

While budgets and strategies are being formed throughout the fourth quarter, consider doing something new with your marketing dollars for 2020. Here are just a few suggestions to give your marketing efforts a boost in the new year.

How To Advertise On LinkedIn

LinkedIn ads are a powerful marketing tool for B2B organizations and tend to provide a better return on investment than either Google or Facebook ads. Since LinkedIn is a professional site, most users have, at the very least, their job title and company name on their profiles. This makes for highly refined targeting options. Rather than simply selecting a geographic region or keyword to target, you’re able to get much more granular with your targeting. Here we’ve compiled some best practices for getting the most out of your LinkedIn advertising dollars.