3 Channel Marketing Trends For 2019

Channel marketing has become essential for B2B technology companies looking to increase their reach and awareness.  Playing an active role in the marketing initiatives of your channel partners is the best way to ensure consistent messaging and ROI on your market development funds.  Keeping an eye on the latest B2B marketing trends will help you to build and maintain an efficient and profitable channel partner community.

Quick Guide To Measure, Manage And Support Channel Partner Success

Channel partners can bring an organization to new levels by catapulting sales in markets and regions that would otherwise remain untapped through direct sales efforts.  However, managing channel partners and measuring their success can be a challenge.  The best way to approach each of these tasks is to simplify your objectives.  Here we have got some quick bullet points to help you get the most out of your channel partner relationships.

Helping Your Channel Partners Reach Their Sales And Marketing Goals

Enabling partners of all types to leverage vendor content, messaging, branding, and demand generation initiatives in their local markets is critical to driving a winning customer experience. - Forrester

Finding The Right Channel Partner Resellers

The success of your channel partner programs relies greatly on your partners themselves.  You can do everything in your power to support your channel partners, but if they’re a bad fit, the relationship will never work.  This places great importance on identifying and then onboarding partners that have significant revenue potential and a desire for a long-term affiliation. 

Latest Trends In Channel Marketing 2018

Trends come and go.  What worked 6 months ago may not work today.  Keeping up with trends and being able to measure what works for yourself is integral in developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns.  Maximizing channel partner’s use of market development funds and having a more hands on approach towards tactics and partnerships appears to be the over-arching theme in channel marketing today.  Here we take a look at seven channel marketing trends for 2018 and beyond.