A Tactical Approach To B2B Growth Marketing

The heart of growth marketing is building brand awareness.  Growth marketing focuses on the entire funnel rather than just feeding the top while putting an emphasis on the lifetime value of a customer instead of just the initial sale.  Growth marketing requires building an audience and a following to move your products rather than focusing on selling an individual product.  It also entails a great deal of lead nurturing and marketing to current customers.  Here we outline seven key components of building a growth marketing strategy.

Efficiently Mining Your Sales Territory With Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is the most efficient way of breaking through to highly targeted companies and contacts.  Rather than casting a wide net across a particular industry or vertical, account-based marketing is a strategy best used on a small subset of your most desirable accounts.  Here we present a high-level overview of how to organize and implement your efforts.

Attracting Key Accounts With Inbound Marketing

Whether you call it account based, key account or micro-vertical marketing, the overarching premise remains the same:

Latest Trends In Channel Marketing 2018

Trends come and go.  What worked 6 months ago may not work today.  Keeping up with trends and being able to measure what works for yourself is integral in developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns.  Maximizing channel partner’s use of market development funds and having a more hands on approach towards tactics and partnerships appears to be the over-arching theme in channel marketing today.  Here we take a look at seven channel marketing trends for 2018 and beyond.

Account Based Inbound Marketing Strategy: Building A Microsite To Target Key Accounts

For key accounts that represent substantial potential revenue, building a microsite can be just the thing that differentiates you from the competition.  Microsites can have a tremendous impact on B2B prospects as they are highly personalized and show just how serious you are about doing business with their company.  These sites may only contain a few pages but most visitors will take notice of the effort being made to get their attention.  Fusing account based and inbound marketing allows you to be persistent with key accounts without overwhelming them with excessive phone calls or emails.  That being said, here are some of the most important things to include on your targeted microsites.