The Importance Of Social Media For B2B Organizations

Posted by Michael Auer on Oct 7, 2019 10:54:39 AM

The Importance Of Social Media For B2B OrganizationsSome marketers dispute the effectiveness of social media for B2B organizations, but in truth, there can be significant value, provided you have clear goals and a formal plan. Your social media strategy should align with your overall marketing plan and work in tandem with the different campaigns that you’re running.

Build Brand Awareness

Even if you’re not generating leads directly through social media, it still presents a great opportunity to build your brand.  Social media allows you to showcase the personality of your brand in front of a large audience. Build your reputation by providing educational and entertaining content as well as highlighting community involvement and social responsibility.  Entertaining your audience and helping to support worthy causes is a great way to build a following.

Develop Relationships With Your Audience

Social media marketing is all about engagement. Building real connections with your audience involves providing value, being yourself and engaging with their content. Sales has always been about building relationships and social media provides an avenue to do so on a mass scale. It is important that you remain authentic and take the approach of being helpful and truly getting to know your prospects.

Drive Website Traffic

Social media is one of the best ways to promote blog articles, new products and premium content. While most social platforms are not “link friendly”, promoting your content through relevant discussion groups and direct messaging can be extremely effective. The key here is to ensure your content provides real value to your audience and isn’t overly promotional. Focus on entertaining and educating your audience and no algorithm will stop your content from being seen.

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