Six Steps To Building Company Culture At Your Start-Up

Posted by Michael Auer on Aug 13, 2019 9:23:23 AM

Six Steps To Building Company Culture At Your Start-UpCompany culture plays a significant role in your company’s ability to hire and retain top talent.  With a relatively small infrastructure, start-up organizations need the best team possible operating at peak capacity. Here we introduce our six steps to building company culture at your start-up.

Enjoyable Employee Experience

The employee experience is the sum of all interactions an employee has with their employer. It is the structure and culture of the organization and how the employee perceives the company overall and their role in the company.”

Break room improvements and technology upgrades are two very easy ways to improve the employee experience. Giving your staff a relaxing environment in which to unwind as well as the proper tools to do their jobs improves employee morale as well as productivity. Simple items like a coffee maker or a new laptop can make a big difference.

Advancement Opportunities

“According to a ProOpinion survey, 26 percent of workers feel that career advancement opportunities drive them the most at the office. This is important considering the time and effort some companies must put in to bolstering productivity and morale.”

The majority of start-up employees are looking for opportunities to move up in the company.  While over a quarter of employees note this as the most effective way to motivate them, almost everyone will place some significance on moving up in the company. Creating a clear path for them to get to where they want to be is a great way to improve your culture.

Educational Assistance

“The growing millennial workforce not only expects employers to offer professional development opportunities, but also to help foot the bill, particularly when they’re looking to advance via formal education.”

Start-up organizations are largely made up of millennials, and continuing their education without adding to their debt is a major motivator. Offering to fit the bill for educational programs that are related to your business will help them to improve while providing your company with highly qualified employees.

Wellness Programs

“Employers across the world are stepping up to the plate to keep their employees healthy and happy.  The trend is catching on at a rapid pace with a recent study stating that 79 percent of large companies have a wellness program of some type.”

Borrowing tips from larger companies is often a good idea for start-ups. Introducing an employee wellness program that helps to pay for gym memberships and nutritionists provides many benefits to your company. Healthy employees use far fewer sick days and tend to be more productive and energetic. This is essential for a company looking to grow.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance reduces the stress employees experience. When someone spends the majority of their days on work-related activities and feel as if they are neglecting other important components of their lives, stress and unhappiness result.”

Maintaining a stress-free work environment is nearly impossible, but allowing your employees to spend time away from the job with friends and family is a great step towards doing so. Adequate breaks, personal and vacation time are essential to employee morale. When family or health issues do arise, allow your team the time necessary to deal with it so they can focus wholly on their work.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition plays an important role in a company's culture and rewarding staff for their hard work has a number of benefits for both parties. Showing your staff you appreciate them can increase productivity, encourage team work and even help you to attract talented new recruits to your business.”

Most people enjoy being recognized for a job well done. Praising your employees in front of their peers is a great way to boost their morale and motivate the rest of your team. Employee of the month, sales contests and other one-off accomplishments should be recognized on a consistent basis to make your employees feel appreciated.


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