Mastering The “Delight” Phase Of Inbound Marketing

Posted by Michael Auer on Oct 21, 2019 12:12:16 PM

Mastering The “Delight” Phase Of Inbound MarketingAn often-overlooked aspect of inbound marketing is delighting your customers once they’ve signed on with you.  Focusing on this phase will help you to retain customers, upsell additional products and services, and turn your clients into evangelists for your company. 

Email Workflow Nurturing Campaigns

Marketing automation has allowed for the creation of email drip campaigns that give you the ability to nurture prospects and clients on a mass scale. Current clients should be placed into their own workflows that communicate educational content as well as additional products and services that may be beneficial to that client. Segmenting your lists by industry, job role and previous purchases will allow you to send more personalized content to a particular group.

Client Only Discount Offers

Offering discounted rates or packages can be a great way to upsell current customers and maintain long term relationships. A small incentive as a thank you for being a loyal customer can go a long way. While you still want to ensure you remain profitable, your offer should provide true value to your client. Detail what benefit you believe your offer provides to the client as well as the typical cost versus what you’re giving them.

Be As Transparent As Possible

Transparency has long been a buzz word in the business world and is still of vital importance when trying to establish repeat business. Being clear about what your products or services can do, as well as their limitations, will help to establish realistic expectations. Answering any and all questions openly and honestly is one of the most important things you can do to establish a strong business relationship.

Schedule Regular Client Meetings

Meeting with clients on at least a bi-weekly basis will help to establish better communication.  Communication is important in any relationship and it is no different in the business world.  These meetings let your clients know they are important and allow you to address any problems or questions in a live touch setting. Email is a great way to address small details, but a regularly scheduled phone meeting will help you to better address any major concerns.

Visit Your Client’s Physical Location

When it comes to communication and establishing a relationship, nothing beats a face to face meeting. Whether you are traveling to a client’s office or they are visiting your facility, be sure to offer a first-class experience. The visits should have a purpose while allowing for time to simply engage and speak with your client. When a client comes to visit your business, be sure your office is clean, you have a dedicated conference room to meet in and all of your employees are dressed appropriately. Food and beverages should also be provided along with any other potential needs or wants.

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