Inbound Marketing Resolutions For 2017

Posted by Michael Auer on Jan 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Inbound Marketing Resolutions For 2017As the new year begins it’s time to take stock of your marketing plan and determine where to focus your time and money in the coming year.  2016 brought about many changes in the way marketers approach content marketing, social media and SEO.  Here we’ve identified some key areas to dedicate resources to in 2017.  A conscious effort towards developing and implementing the marketing strategies outlined in each of the areas below will help you stay ahead of the curve and will heavily influence the success of your inbound marketing campaigns.

Create Visual Content

Images, videos and infographics are consistently the most share content through social channels and that trend is still growing.  Many marketers have been reluctant to create video content but that decision will only become more detrimental as time goes by.  There are many types of videos that can be used to market your brand and consistent production will show prospects you are on the cutting edge of your industry.  Images are easily shared and are a necessary part of any blog post.  Infographics provide a way to keep your blog content diverse and allow for an eye catching way to display statistics.

Make Real Connections

Too many people add contacts and fail to develop relationships.  When adding to your network you should make an effort to truly build and nurture the connection you’ve made and take steps towards a mutually beneficial partnership.  Influencers within your target industry can be an invaluable content distribution tool and can exponentially increase the reach of your brand.  Developing a plan to make new connections on a daily basis will ensure your network is constantly growing. 

Focus on Distribution

By this point most companies have recognized the importance of creating valuable content but distribution in many cases has been lacking.  The first step is to determine where you target audience prefers to consume their content.  There should be a strong focus on the preferred channels but all methods of distribution should be employed.  This includes social media posts, comment sections, question/answer sites and industry pages.  Finding the sweet spot for your content can be time consuming but once you’ve found your audience your efforts will begin to show dividends.

Website Redesign

We’re at a point in the digital transformation where consumers notice small nuances about a company’s website.  With so much competition it is imperative that your site offers easy navigation, a fresh look and is optimized for lead generation.  Prospects will notice an outdated website and ones that are difficult to navigate will drive them away.  Generating leads is becoming increasingly dependent upon digital sources and your website serves as the hub for your digital marketing efforts.  Content gated by forms to attain contact information and providing clear instructions on how to reach your sales team are among the most basic necessities of a lead generating website.

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