Holiday Appreciation Ideas For Your Marketing Team

Posted by Michael Auer on Oct 28, 2019 9:04:50 AM

rHoliday Appreciation Ideas For Your Marketing TeamThe holidays are a great time to show appreciation for your marketing team. While any kind of company expense may require approval from upper management, it is an investment well worth making. Here are just a few ideas of how to reward your team this holiday season.

Start A Wellness Program

Wellness programs have become very popular as they provide a myriad of benefits for both businesses and employees. Healthier employees take fewer sick days, have greater productivity and even a better overall attitude. These programs can include free or discounted gym memberships, visits from nutritionists and motivational speakers and even companywide fitness activities. Wellness programs are a sound investment that will help with quality of work as well as employee retention.

Give A Cash Bonus

While cash may seem like an impersonal gift amongst family members, this is not the case for employees. Cash is always a welcome gift during the holidays and anything that helps to ease the financial burden during this time will go over quite well with your team. This can include a traditional bonus added to their checks or gift cards that can be used anywhere. Make sure everyone receives a gift and no one is left out. 

Host A Holiday Party

Getting the entire team together for a holiday party can serve as a reward for a year of hard work as well as a great team building exercise. These parties can be held right in the office, but tend to be more fun when held at an offsite restaurant or banquet hall. Live entertainment, complementary food and drinks and fun activities to bring your team together should all be included. Make sure to extend your invitations to the families of your employees as well.

Schedule A Company Outing

If a company party isn’t your style, you may consider a company outing. You could get everyone together for a trip to a museum, theme park, comedy club or even a concert. The idea behind this is to reward your employees and bring your team together. Try to choose something that fits the interests of your team. As with any other company function, these trips should be all inclusive.

Upgrade Their Equipment

Providing something that will make their job easier is perhaps the best gift you can give your employees. This could be a new laptop, updated software or even a new office chair. Anything that will make their day to day work life a little bit more enjoyable. Survey your team ahead of time to determine which items they really need. This will ensure that your holiday gift hits the mark.


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